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colleen B
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Everyone should read this


I am furious that this information is not given out the first time someone finds out they have cancer.

It is absolutely IMMORAL for any oncologist to say ,

"Eat whatever you want"

My husband has his second cat scan this Friday and right now he is looking very good..he is gaining weight and his body looks healthy and he is able to eat whatever he wants...and he had an esophageal adenocarcinoma that was 10 centimeters long with two mets to the liver...he was stage IV B

I strongly believe that diet is important ...the problem that the medical profession is having is that they do not want to look at the complex issues of combining foods..My feeling is to use whatever might work and combine them all... as long as they can not hurt him..

I am not interested in a clean scientific experiment..I want a live husband...

Today for breakfast I used the juicer and he had broccoli, carrot, cauliflower and mixed mushrooms..( including shitake and maitaki) and I put in sprigs of thyme, sage, rosemary, basil and oregano into the juicer ..it tastes terrible but it is extremely healthy and he gets it down..it is only about 1/2 cup of liquid and packed with good things

He had about a tablespoon of arctic fish oil..and I made up some pills out of a clove of garlic put through a garlic press...(he doesn't like garlic)

Also he had some store bought pills and liquid from reishi mushroom..along with curcumin pills...

He had 2 eggs cooked as an omelette in almond oil and with cheddar cheese..the eggs are free range organic..and the cheese is organic..when I can I buy organic...

He is getting a diet that is very high in plants that stop cancer from spreading.

He is also getting raspberries and grapes..watermelon, apples and blueberries and I am encouraging him to drink green tea.

At night he gets a glass of whole organic milk with chocolate whey protein

The real test of all this will be known by next summer imo..but so far it is going unusually well

The next big step are the results from the cat scan...and we will know the results from the cat scan next Monday..the cat scan is on Friday..tomorrow

Even assuming the worst..that the cancer has spread..his quality of life has been very high...because he is eating foods that will inhibit cancer...

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I agree with your aggresive approach to ensuring that your husband gets his nutritional needs met. I am only 4 weeks into this process as a stage IVb and really need to address this area. You're doing a good job.


colleen B
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Joined: Jun 2010

We saw a new oncologist because our oncologist was on vacation and he said this was the best he had ever seen someone in chemo..My husband has had 11 rounds of oxaliplatin and has had very few side effects.

I think he became ill because of a very poor diet but he is basically a healthy person without any complications like diabetes..so each person is unique..still I think diet will help everyone...and I live in fear that the cancer will spread and can not be contained... its something probably we will never get over...

My husband says.."The good thing is that Colleen is taking care of me ...and the bad thing is that Colleen is taking care of me" : )
Even I feel sorry for him sometimes... : )

colleen B
Posts: 25
Joined: Jun 2010

One of the things you need to know is the half life of the drugs being given to you ..so that you do not interfere with their effectiveness. My husband gets oxaliplatin every 2 weeks..and after about 2 days the amount of that chemical in his system is diminished..although some oxaliplatin can continue in the system for several days...

Curcumin looks like it might have a strong effect particularly on esophageal cancer because when it comes in contact with cancer it causes apoptosis. Curcumin is not absorbed well into the blood system because it dissolves in fats and not water...also not all cancers seem to be stopped by curcumin. Still it probably will not hurt you..it is derived from the spice turmeric...Some people are allergic to it and if there is a problem with the gall bladder and/or a problem with bile production that might be a problem...but the greatest liklihood is that you will benefit from it


and ask him about curcumin. He is doing research on it at MD Anderson

and I think ..imo...that the cancer itself and the chemo and everyone around people who have cancer can cause depression. You have to fight that and keep learning and doing things to help yourself...just accept imo that you will feel depressed and don't let the depression stop you...

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Thanks for your nutrition post. My husband is eating regular food he blends to a liquid. He is getting tired of only liquids. Even omlets get stuck no matter how small of pieces he tries. So his Nutrition has been a battle because he does not like the taste of many things we try even ensure blended with ice cream or added flavors. Hoping to find other food items to blend that he will enjoy as well as be healthy for him.

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The more I read here and on other sites, the more I agree. Nutrition is more than just important, I thik it's critical to improving the quality of life during treatments, and even moreso after surgery. I would like to see more ways people keep their nutrition up while dealing with EC.

Thank you for your post.


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Great Post guys. I am doing the nutrition & Supplement approach after Surgery, 70 rounds of Radiation and concurrent Chemo. Almost killed me. Once well enough to start eating again , I started mostly healthy food and about 7 months ago got serious about it. There are 2 basic concepts I think to consider 1. Get the body working again properly - this means the immune & digestive systems, liver and kidney function as the key players. 2. Give your body all the right nutrition and don't consume harmful foods.

I use a bunch of selected supplements and vitamins which have helped get the 'systems' all working again (and they are ;o) and i have eliminated all the bad stuff from my diet. Note the difference in the approach. I don't focus on what I can eat, I focus on what I DON'T eat, and that is simple.

I do NOT eat and I suggest you don't either : any animal products (Meats Dairy Chicken eggs fish), no processed foods including white four, rice pasta (only whole grain), no fried foods at all, and finally NO SUGARS at all unless they come in fruit and vegetables. If you gasp as say "I can't do that', then that explain a lot about your current diet and maybe inherent problems.

Try this for 3 months and take it seriously and then evaluate your condition. You will need to select you supplements and maybe a nutritional supplement as you need to address both steps. It's not hard and is worth the effort. I consult with a very good Naturopath along with my own research.

There are more and more stories popping up on these board from people who have had success through nutrition, diet and supplements, and they need to come forward and share their stories as many are afraid to post as they are often attacked by ...well idiots, who for what ever reason think alternative treatments and nutrition are forms of witchcraft. THis post is not for them, but for those who want a better chance at surviving this ordeal.

Best to all,

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when i saw the comment from the web site that said,

"Meanwhile, with the right integration of these various foods and compounds into your diet you shouldn't ever have to worry about getting cancer." next to the DISCLAIMER,

and when I saw the following statments from the link on the website ignoranceisfutile.org which states,

"But the fact is this isn’t how it works. In the wake of building this presentation I’ve never been more convinced the the overarching totality of the medical establishment are a massive group of psychopaths. When they know about proven effective and safe treatments, or are shown them by their patients, and they consciously dismiss and shrug them off, how can these people not be deranged sociopaths when their patients face horrifying death"

I said to myself i see where this is going and moved on

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This is our approach, too.

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Eat To Live by Dr. Joel Fuhrman (I think) is an excellent book and talks about the foods that help prevent cancer. I am a juicer and it's wonderful. I replace 2 meals a day with vegetable and fruit juice. Another interesting movie is Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. (Netflix)

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definitely essential to look after nutrition - the oncos are not trained or paid to talk about that, and because they can't control it (unless they move in with you and spoonfeed you), they dismiss it.
And avoid dairy ... cheese, yogurt, milk - the works,

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