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21 yr old recently in remission looking for people to talk with

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Joined: Aug 2010

I'm currently 5 months into remission and just wanna talk to people around my age that understand.

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hi. angie. i am 19 and i was diagnosed december of 2009. i was told i was in remission on june 1st 2010. i have been in remission for 2 and a half months. i understand almost everything. if you need to talk feel free to message me.

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I'm a 20 year old Hodgkin's survivor. Been in remission for a year. Let me know if you have any questions.

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I'm 21 too. I'm a Survivor of Non-Hodgkin​s T-cell Lymphoblast​ic Lymphoma Stage III. I was Dx in 2000.

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Hello Angie my name is Marcus & I would love to talk with you. I totally understand. I survived a rare and deadly cancer twice now and though I am stronger for it I know quite well what it's like to live in that fear of it coming back. I'm new to this is there a way to Instant Message on here? If not my email is Marvusman@aol.com and my cell phone is 267-601-4043 I do have unlimited text if you care to text. Hope you stay well!

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I'm 24 year old hodgkins survivor. I know what it's like to be all alone. The women in my support group are all in their 50's and 60's. I wish there were other people my age who get what I'm going through. Does anyone know of support groups for people in their 20's?

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Where do you live? If you live somewhere near my area, there is a young adult survivorship group that meets.

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I'm an hour outside of NYC by the CT border. Since I posted that, I found the website for i2y, a foundation that supports young adults with cancer. I joined their NYC chapter and will be attending my first event soon. I'm really excited b/c I've been looking for survivors my age and we're so few and far between. Where are you from? Nice to "meet" you! lol

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