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What do you crave?

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As the subject states, what are your cravings? Because of my lack of eating, drinking my food, I miss the most simplest of things. What do you or did you miss during recovery?

Sausage biscuit with egg

Stuffed Shrimp w/crab
PB&J Sandwiches
Crackers and peanut butter
Cheese...good cheese
German wheat beer

I think I could go on forever at this point :)

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One thing at breakfast, lunch, and dinner:

A hamburger, with everything, but no ketchup or mustard, extra mayo.


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My friends have been asking me this for awhile and I definitley have a list:
1. Coffee - been back on the joe for a month and loving it (only drink it 2 days a week tho)
2. Pizza - had my first pizza last week (veggie with wheat dough - Scam, I'm keeping with the program)
3. Hot Wings - not yet, but spicy does me no good these days
4. Big juicy cheeseburger - probably never the way I'm going, can't get bread down or meat and know I shouldn't anyways
5. A cigar - I won't, but I wanna, something bad!!!!

Excellent post John!


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Great question! I love food...though I can't eat much other than soft stuff.

Craw Fish Etoufee' and dirty rice. Too spicey now....
Good Mexican...around here it's Tex Mex and that's fine too.
A good Steak, Filet medium-rare with jumbo lump crab meat, Caesar Salad, Potatoes Lyonnaise.
A Monster FreeBirds Burrito. Oh man, could be on top of the list.
A Big Juicy Cheese Burger here as well. And if I was in California, a Double-Double - Fries - and a Lemonade.

Thanks John, it's good to dream!

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I would love to have a home cooked hamburger and I am getting to where I can eat a lot of different things now, but there is one problem with a hamburger. I can't open my d@#% mouth wide enough yet.


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1. Mexican- I loved it with a nice cold cervesa!!
2. Buffalo Wings
3. Cheeseburger Rochester, NY schaeler's they put this meat sauce on the burgers that's the best!!!!
4. Biscuits and Gravy
5. Pizza
6. Fried dumplings
7. Clams casino


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Fork and knife those darn hamburgers! I have the same fear not being able to open my mouth wide enough for sandwiches and burger type things. I'm stretching every day so when I'm recovered I can devour those things, RAWR!

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Pam M
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I can eat some of my big craves now:
- Pizza (some types)
- lemonade (small quantities, but I don't need much anyway)
- Catsup (a little at a time)
- Spaghetti with marinara (small portion)
- Burger (Wendy's goes down easier than McDonald's - easier to eat without cheese)

Some things I'll have to wait a little longer for:
- Sausage
- steak with horseradish (ate half an Arby's sandwich with Horsey Sauce - it made water come out of my eyes, but I ate it)
- Pretzels

And some, I'm supposed to give up:
- whiskey, Frangelico and Ameretto
- pickles
- smoked sausage

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First is Chicago pizza, though I am pretty far eating-wise and distance-wise from that. I tried some pizza 2 weeks ago, I'm sure I've had better tasting cardboard.

Yes a beautiful, juicy cheeseburger and I think I'm pretty close on this one.

Gaeng Keow Wan: Thai green curry

Black pepper crab

Cheese and crackers

Home made 5 alarm chili



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I would like to enjoy Ice Cream all the way through, as of now I only get to taste the first few licks.

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Same with me usually, nothing like it was before...

fisrpotpe's picture
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Joined: Aug 2010

Shrimp and Orange Juice.

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Joined: Oct 2009

I hope I'm the only one who has problems with ground beef. Seems like whenever I bite into a big ole hamburger, the meat just crumbles apart in my mouth......congregates under my tongue, and coagulates between my teeth and cheeks. So at this time, I can do without hamburgers. But.....

I do well and love fried Chicken Fingers.

Can eat Ice Cream and really was one of the 1st that I tried and have full taste.
Try Corned Beef...a Rueben Sandwich. For some reason, they taste and go down well.
I can devour French Fries with Catsup, but instead crave Tator Tots.
Can't even come close to sipping a Merlot/Cab/Red Zin/Etc.........but any White or Rose is not a tremendous problem. Breads are okay as long as I have my water.
Go Figure !!

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Took my wife to Chipotle today...I know crave a huge arse burito, black beans, chicken, cheese and hots...mmmmm

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I so miss having a glass of wine with my dinner! I am greatfull that I am almost six month's post treatment & can eat & taste just about everything. I was never a huge drinker but enjoyed my Friday evening dinner out with hubby & a nice bottle of wine. Now it all tastes so bitter. Even beer is brutal!

Posts: 194
Joined: Aug 2010

my cravings is:

grilled chicken
french fries with cheese
mashed potatoes
baked potato
corn on the cob and corn

Pam M's picture
Pam M
Posts: 2196
Joined: Nov 2009

Forgot about Chipotle. I wanted that during tx. Burrito bol for me. I tried a few times During tx, I was able to eat beans and rice and guacamole there. I can eat a little chicken and corn salsa now, but it's more discomfort and effort than I'm willing to go through.

Glenna M's picture
Glenna M
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Joined: May 2009

Eleven months post treatment and I still can't do peanut butter. I love an english muffin with peanut butter and have tried warming it first but still no luck. Can't even begin to swallow it ;-(

fisrpotpe's picture
Posts: 1349
Joined: Aug 2010

Try taking a very thin whole wheat tortia wrap, spread peanut butter not thin, lay a banana in and roll up. I like to flatten down some as my mouth can not open far. Heat in Microwave for approx 25 sec. I love this and is one of the easiest food I have found to eat. Sometimes when the banana is very ripe I do not head and just eat cool. The wrap is much easier to eat and swallow than bread.

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Peanut Butter, still working on that. Loved peanut butter on hot toast with butter.

Potatoe Chips, still working on that. I can eat a couple, that's about it.

BBQ Potatoe Chips, had some yesterday. Burned so much, I was crying. Ate a few anyway.

Fried chicken and jo-jo's, I can eat the jo-jos, still have trouble with chicken.

Pizza - if fresh I can eat. Soon as it cools off, I have trouble.

I'm about 6 months out, and try to eat what I want. If I choke, I choke. But I have noticed some things I couldn't eat a month or two ago, I can now eat, like burritos I can eat now without to much difficulty. Of course, I still have to have something be it water or milk to throw down while eating. But I use what I'm able to eat to gauge my healing progress.

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I'm a big fan of soda, but not the typical soda, I like the specialty sodas you can buy at weird grocery stores. I am starting to see them pop up more in normal stores, for example Blood Orange Soda, I bought a case of 6, 1 liter, bottles. I know oranges have citric acid and I know my throat isn't healed enough to drink it. But I did it ANYWAY! Man did it taste good but burned like the sun. This is one craving I had to cure!

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Right now I would do anything for a Klondike

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