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Hi All.

So far so good for me. Yesterday, Tuesday, was the first day of my second week. It went OK until dinner time. Connie had fixed a really, really good cauliflower casserole and broiled beef filets. And I ended up with something going on in the upper GI that was making me feel like nothing was going down right - sort of stopping at the top. Anyway it was hurting and not feeling right so, in hopes of not throwing up, I stopped eating. Didn't get sick - but I sure missed dinner. I may have it for breakfast.

I do have a question for y'all. Whenever you started your chemo, did anyone have a wart? I have had a small wart on my right thumb just where it joins my hand. I've had it for more than a year, but it has been small and of no concern. (Probably only the second or third wart that I have ever had.) Then, last week after my chemo, it starts to grow. So I decide to do the wart remover thing, resulting in more growth. Now it appears to be reddening, inflamed and growing. This is just a small thing, obviously, but I just wondered if anyone else had any experience with this and what you did about it.

Hope you all are having a good week. Sue, if I remember correctly, you have your port put in today. It's a breeze. Enjoy it and have a great day.

Our prayers to all.

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Wow Tom that's wierd, I too had a small wart on my left thumb, had it for years, never paid it much mind because it was so small, now it's gone believe it or not. I would still have it checked out, can't take nothing for granted! Vinny

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Odd you should mention this and as a girl I won't admit to warts! But I did have a little growth on my arm just above my wrist that I noticed 6 months or so before I started Chemo. After 2 treatments or so it just fell off and was completely gone. It was odd and the only thing I could think of is that the Chemo gets anything that is growing or was it skin cancer?? Now that I have been done for awhile(late Jan.)here it is back again! I always forgot to ask about it. I am going back on Friday for a follow up CT, blood work Etc to see if I have remained in remission..eeee!! I will ask him then. In the meantime make sure to bring it to their attention especially if it looks even remotely infected and I would stop the wart treatment and let them figure it out. Your healing properties are compromised right now. Good luck warty men, we females have growths...little,cute ones. Ha ha. All the best.

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Me too guys. A few months before I started chemo I showed a small growth to my Dermotologist, he said an injection of steroids would probably take care of it. I didn't have the shot, started chemo and it went away. Now like Mary mine is back. I'm thinking it responded to the dreaded prednisone. Really weird...ha ha!
Take care,

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Hey, thanks All!

Interesting to note that, so far, the growths you all have discussed have disappeared instead of getting worse during chemo. I will certainly bring it to my doc's attention next time. Since this is only my first treatment, I'll just wait it out.

Even as a guy, this is my only warty growth. But, frankly I agree with you ladies, you have much nicer growths than us guys do.

Thanks again,

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If it's looking inflamed and stuff you REALLY need to call your nurse. No need to go in, but definitely call. Your immune system is NOT strong and you could end up getting very sick unintentionally, but it could happen.

They are there for any and ALL questions. Take advantage of them and call.

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planters warts. Never had them before, but Dr says that its because my immune system is compromised, so virus's will grow.

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