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To all you Caregivers

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Today my caregiver wife and I celebrated our 36 years anniversary; we did some little simple thing like going out and sharing an ice cream together. It was not much but just my way of saying thank you for all you have done for me.

As each of us cancer survivors go through hell and back we sometimes forget the chain that drags our caregivers through hell with us. At this time I would just like to say thanks to each of you caregivers, for with out you there would be no survivors.

And thanks to my Wife who has put up with me for 36 years, I still love you and always will.

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Glenna M
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Congratulations on your 36th anniversary. The simple celebrations mean so much more.

You're right, we do tend to forget what our caregivers have been through and done for us. We should all take a moment each day to say or do some little thing to show them that they are still appreciated. I know my journey would have been much harder without my loving husband there to help me through it all.

Hoping you and your wife enjoy many more anniversaries together.


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Pam M
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36 years - what an accomphishment - you both should be proud. Here's to many more years together for you.

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Congratulations! What great thoughts! She sounds wonderful! I think you are right; one of us has cancer, but both of us have to fight the disease. Our caregivers run interference for us, handling everything else so we can stay focused on getting through it and getting better. I hope God blesses them, and then blesses them again.

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Congrats on the 36 years.

My wife is my primary caregiver and I often feel like her job is way more stressful than me as the patient. I am fortunate that my wife is an RN Manager within the same medical campus that I am being treated. She has had to call in some favors and pull some strings to keep things moving forward and to try to keep me in a private room. She is a real advocate for me and knows what to ask.

Care givers are unbelievably strong, my wife is in charge of a level 1 trauma program at a pediatric hospital which is stressfull enough, then takes care of me, is a mother to my 2 sons. She even with the help of my dad, moved my youngest son into college 6 hours from home and drove back the same day to be ready for my latest discherge from the hospital this past Saturday.

Caregivers in my opinion can make or break your recovery. Do not take them for granted, and let them know they are appreciated. I know without my wife giving me all she has and then some, I would not be recovering as well as I am.

What a gift a caregiver can provide to all of us suffering with this disease.

Before you go to bed tonight, let your caregiver know they are appreciated.



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Happy Anniversary Hondo and congratulations. 36 years together is fantastic. Cheers


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Congrats on your time together.....

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I have no idea where I would be with out my Wife, my Partner, my Caregiver, and my Friend of 36 years.

I would like to also note that there are many here on CSN that do not have caregivers and goes it alone. To you who go it alone my heart goes out to you because you are stronger then I am.

God bless you all.

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Congrats on your 36th, Amazing.

I have believed for many a year now that the #1 caregiver actually has it harder than the patient. We as patients really only need to focus on ourselfs. The cargiver puts on many hats and does many times more. Thanks to all you caregivers!

Keep those years adding up and enjoy every moment to it's fullest.


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Hondo...a huge huge congratulations on celebrating 36 years. And I agree with Glenna, love is best expressed it the simplist form. Ice cream on an August night sounds perfect.

Thank you to everyone for the acknowledgement of caregivers. Like ice cream on a summer night to celebrate 36 years of marriage...it is about LOVE.

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That is wonderful. My mom and dad have been married 35 years. Your wife is a very lucky woman.


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Congratulations to the both of you! I hope there are many more to come.

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Joined: Jun 2010

I hope that you share many more.

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Here's to 36 more.



Posts: 18
Joined: Jul 2010

Hi Hondo,

You belong in a special club! 36 years- how fantastic!

Congrats and here's to you and your special wife celebrating your 40th and 50th anniversary.

My husband was Dx 5 days after we celebrated our 40th anniversary. I told the docs I wanted to celebrate our 50th. He's 6mo out and doing great.

Have a very happy and wonderful celebration.

Best regards and God Bless

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Congrats on 36 years! Hubby and I will celebrate 28 in October.

He says my job as caregiver is much harder than his as patient. I think he's full of bull....
I love him and he has taken care of our family for almost 28 years, now it's our turn to take care of him. If I could take away his pain and suffering I would do it in a heartbeat.

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You and your care giving wife both deserve the best, Hondo, and I'm happy that you both got what you deserved.

Congratulations, Hal

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Congrats to you and your wife, Hondo! My wife and I just celebrated our 29th a couple of weeks ago. Don't know what I'd do without her.

Here's to another 30 happy years to everyone!!


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Congratulation's on your anniversary! I have been with my hubby for over 36 year's. He is also my caregiver. I agree with you as I am not that brave without him. Boy when something like this happen's you sure find out in a hurry who is there for you. I owe him big time!

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36 years is quite an accomplishment!

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I wish you many more happy years together. I wish all of us... many more happy years together.

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