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Grandmother just diagnosed with stage 4 Cancer

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I am not sure why I am on this site other than I am sad and mad and just needed to talk with others in my shoes. My grandmother has been having pains for a few months and never went to th doctor, after visiting my family this summer we were able to convince her and its been a downward spiral since. Two weeks ago the doctor after an exam said they did find cancer on her uterous and advised her to get a hysterectomy. Well today after 5 hours it was confirmed that shse does and it is stage 4 and has progressed to her vagial area as well as her small intestine area. All this is new to me and righr no I want to question God as to why this is happening. My grammy is all I have I never met my grandfather so she is all my family has. I have been online trying to research what all this means and came across this site and hope I can get support from others who have been here or going through this. My family will continue to pray that my grammy will make it through this.

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Hi there,

So sorry for the news about your grandmother. I understand your sadness and anger. It doesn't feel fair, at all. It's so hard to experience this news and then have to try and gather information to understand it. It's hard to take it all in.

I guess you have learned that your grandma's cancer is Stage IV because it moved to her small intestine. I'm not sure what treatments will be recommended. There are many different stages, types, and grades of uterine cancer and the combination of those including someone's age and health will steer the treatment recommendations. You and/or your family will be learning more about this from her doctor.

I'm sorry again you have received this news. Please feel free to visit and post whenever you feel the need. Also know that the American Cancer Society has an information line you can call 24/7 with questions to try and understand more...800-ACS-2345.

Take good care.

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Your family is doing the right thing by praying. I know how hard this is for you, but my dear Toshia, this world we live in is in the power of the wicked one (the devil)God is not to be blamed for anything that happens to us, there will come a time that all this will no longer exist, until then we do have to keep our faith and pray harder. How is grammy handling all this? I hope she is not in too much pain. Please keep us informed and I will also be praying for grammy. lots of hugs. June

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So sorry to hear about your Grandmother :(

Sending prayers to her and your family....She is lucky to have such a loving Granddaughter as you. Spend as much time with her as you can and you will create the lasting memories which are so important. She will love you doting on her I am sure!

Please stay in touch and let her know she has support to go through this.

God Bless,


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Hi, I was having stomach pains too. I went with stomach trouble for about a week or so before going to dr. I was diagnosed with Uterine cancer, not sure of grade but stage 4. I waited 2 weeks for hesterectomy,and when it came around they found cancer in my appendix. It was determined that I needed chemo, and it was terrible thing for me, as I was scared. Scared of everything. I had the worst cancer there is for this clear cell carcinoma....and being stage 4 my drs called it an aggressive cancer. I had cells left over in the lining of my stomach near my rectum and other areas. I was on aggressive chemo for 6 treatments, that I finally stopped June 2nd. I never had much faith before, well I did have a little, but during all this I did ask GOD why, why me, why have you chosen me. I still have not got my answers, but asked GOD for so many things, but forgot the one thing I needed was faith, and strength, and release my fear. I was asking to save my hair, and all the other superficial things. I had to have a pet scan, they found a hot spot in my colon, had a colonoscopy and they found 2 polyps, one was in process of colon cancer, so cells did go into my colon as I see it, but removed now, there seems to be no fear.
If grandma is strong and she has love as it shows you have for her, that is what is needed. Faith is a great thing, i believe that. Be strong smile for her when she doesn't feel like it, laugh when you think she needs to laugh....She's so blessed to have you,,

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Praying for your grandma.
I am sure with your love and support she will have the strength to recover.

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