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Coffee After Liver Resection

C Dixon
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Joined: Jan 2010

Just wondering if anyone know anything about the effects coffee on a compromised liver. I know it's fine for a full, healthy liver and I love my morning cup. But I am thinking since Wednesday I have only had about 30% of my liver, I mah want to research this.



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when l had my liver resection l tried different things (hidden of docs) interesting reactions but no dangerous!
Any way don't blame to me if disgusting!
Take care.
Barcelona .

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I used to drink coffee all day. I cut back after the dx. I totally denied myself coffee after my surgery in April. Lately I have rediscovered the pleasure of a cup of coffee shared with the woman I love on a cool morning. (Yes, it was actually a little cool this am here) It's important to avoid the substances that we know are not good for us. But I think it's also important have a little pleasure and to stay happy. Drink a cup - not a pot. And be happy.

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The liver takes out toxins, so if you're taking any medication,
it will be taxing to the liver (see all those warnings on the labels,
and in the ads?).

It would be best to avoid anything that isn't natural to your system,
and coffee isn't necessarily "natural"... but nothing is terrible unless
in excess... so a cup probably won't kill you, but the sugar-free
additive might. Ya'know what I'm sayin'?

Toxins are no good for the liver or kidneys. Period. But little
that you take, is more toxic than the drugs that were prescribed.

Living fearful of drugs is the only healthy way to live.

Healthy wishes for you!


C Dixon
Posts: 202
Joined: Jan 2010

That's what I was thinking. I usually drink 1 - 2 cups of moderately strong organic coffee a day. I love waking up by myselft with it. And I may have one cup down the road but for now while I have less than 50% of my "filter", I think I will stick with green tea. I know there is a physical withdrawal from coffee but I have finished that without knowing it because of the drugs from the surgery so it is probably just the psychological habit.

Thanks Guys,


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And, a cup of coffee, according to some research, helps prevent colon cancer...

But the green tea is full of anti-oxidents, so if there is chemo in your future, check with your oncologist first, mine said 'No', and she, for that time, was the boss...

Hugs, Kathi

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