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Going for seventh month checkup

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Hi all I hope everyone is ok , Iam going for my seventh month check up in a week and im scared to death. and I go monthly how do some of you guys get through this ? it is haveck with constant thoughts of those dreadfull words you have cancer sometime the fear alone disrupt my sleep I have good days and then I have bad days that are no so good but the fight has to continue God bless u all

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I'm not done with treatment yet but I know what you mean. I get anxious for every checkup with my Radiation and Chemo Onc. I just try to think positively, I had good results last time and I will get good results again, this is my typical train of thought. I typically think of the worst the night before and my wife has to calm me down.

I hope your check up goes well. Wish you the best.

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I can't wait until I'm 7 months past. Don't worry, everything will be fine. My visits have gotten further apart and that helps me through. No scan until Dec. 7th, the day after my birthday and the day I originally went to my primary doctor about the lump on my neck last year. Strange huh. wishing you a good report.


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Pam M
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Just because we all go through it doesn't make it any easier, I'm sure. I started getting antsy about a week before my three month check up. I knew that almost everyone here gets nervous, and notices "symptoms" before many checks, but still had my own worry session. Will you be scanned? Hope you do well - keep on keeping on.

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But I'm not there myself yet. Even though I've had good results I seem to let my imagination run wild the days leading into PET & CT scans, to the point of it overwhelming me. It didn't even bother me as much during actual treatment. I think it's because once you start having good scans you become so afraid of hearing anything different.

I can only offer that you are in my thoughts and prayers and hoping you never hear anything but positive and good scans in your future months and years to come.


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Don’t let it stress you, just hang in there and give it a little faith.

Praying for you

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Hi Survivor31,

Anticipating the scans is a frustrating and anxious experience. I know it's hard to see it this way, but the reality is that they are the best case scenario. Your cancer free, and checking to see if there have been any changes. It's where we all want to be.


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thanks everyone for the much needed advice and wisdom someone asked was I being scanned no, they just keep using the endoscope through my nose

Kent Cass
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of hopes and Prayers for you, 31. Stay Positive. There's a good many of us who've stayed clean for much longer than 7-months, and have faith that you will be, also. All of our hopes and Prayers are with you. You got a long life ahead of you, girl, so get used to the idea! Yes, 31, and



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