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new update

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Hi all,
Sorry it has been a couple of weeks but it has been rough dealing with the news of reoccurance. But on the bright side, PEG was removed and so was my trache. First time I have been trache free in 2 years. My epigilottis is laying flat across my airway so the plan is to remove it and see if it will move with the trache out of the way. I start chemo and rads on the 31st for the new new tumors and will be able to keep the trache out if the tumors stay small and my airway stays open. Fingers crossed. Going for 7 chemo and 30 rads this time but I already know what to expect(is that good or bad?). I am home until the 29th so I can get some stuff done. Came home on the 19th but the internet wasn't working until now because of wiring issues. At least I have 10 days to see what life is like without the trache. My new tumors are considered stage 3 but hey I beat the first one and I will beat these too. I missed you guys and have been catching up and reading some updates with a heavy heart. God Bless everyone.


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Attitude, Attitude, Attitude is everything is whipping Cancer!

I love your Attitude, you will whip this fight!

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You beat it once - you'll beat it again. You are in my prayers.

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I was wondering where you went, I too had a cancer appointmnt today, MY TRACH IS GONE, AND HAS BEEN REMOVED, WE WILL MARK THIS ON THE CALENDER FOR DEB AND DENNIS DAY. They scoped my throat and nose and clean, as well as my vocal chords have improved, i have a voice comING back, it's raspy, but chose tHE right path and fought the other of total radical vocal chord removal, you talk about close call, i go back every 4-6 weeks for a yesr, but he said it's the best he has seen me, and my weight is now 140, to 155 lbs....I'm glad you have returned, i missed you, and we are here for you....Dennis

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Posts: 90
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Hallelujah!!!!! We are both trache free. So glad you are also. Here's to us staying that way. I am definitely going to mark this day for us. maybe someday w will meet and compare notes.


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Stick in there, my thoughts and prayers go out to you. Before you know it treatment will be over and you will be in recovery again. Keep your head up!

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Good news on the removal Debbie! That is a milestone. With your courage & positive attitude, I know you will beat this too! You will be in my prayers. Wishing you the strength & power of the Holy Spirit be with you. Stay strong! Love & Prayers, Patty

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Debbie, I'm visualizing clean airways for you, and a well deserved break for the next ten days. I know you'll keep moving forward, and have a successful recovery ahead.


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You are gonna kick this thing's butt!! Always impressed with your attitude. Keep it up!!
Glad to hear the trach's out. Good luck!


Awesome about the trach. Should start your own thread. Lots of folks would be happy to hear that for you!

Positive thoughts to everyone!

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Pam M
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So glad to hear both Debbie and Dennis are trache-free. Hope you can remain so, Debbie. Missed hearing from you, Debbie. I'm assuming you're spending the next ten days trying to see if you can fatten yourself up - good luck. Do well getting ramped up for round two.

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Attitude and faith is what it takes and you look to have both on your side. We too will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

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...stay connected. We are all behind you Debbie. Fight on! You are not alone.

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