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traveling while on chemo and white blood counts are low.

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Angela had her first chemo on Aug. 19th and will have another on Oct 16. She is scheduled to travel to Anderson from Sacramento for a second oponion. The two hospitals will be working together on Angela's treatment. I am fearful of her flying when her white blood count is at the lowest? What is ya'll's experience with this.

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Hi On another website ladies have mentioned eating red skinned peanuts help with low blood platelets. As for flying while blood count is low I guess that would be up to her doctors to decide. I have flown while underging chemo and had no problems. Jenny

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Thank-you, Jenny. You are a blessing. Linda

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I wear a surgical mask and fly. Never caught anything in three and a half years. It's a risk though if your counts are low. I don't purposely expose myself usually though. Saundra

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I had my first chemo in Oct and in Nov I flew from Dallas to W VA and back, all in a period of 3 days. My counts, both red blood and white blood, were low but I did just fine. I would not have chosen to take a vacation in the middle of chemo, but my mother-in-law died, so there was no help for it.


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