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Say what ??

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Went for my every four month dental check-up today, and was told/shown that I have a wisdom tooth breaking through my gum line. I know that the average age for Wisdom Tooth eruption is between 17 and 21 years. Heck, I'm 63 next month. Hygenist said they had a guy in last week, who was 80 years old, and had the same. Only corelation is that we both had been on Chemo. This Wisdom Tooth seems to not ever be a problem, but will have to be monitored. Just something else for us all to deal with.


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Maybe you are still getting smarter... :)


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Very interesting... srange, but interesting. I hope you don't have any problems from it. Thanks for sharing the info.

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Sure sounds like your a mentor for knowledge. This will be good for me as I am only 53 and been thru chemo, radiation and surgery. Now I know I may have a chance as years go by to become more knowledgable.

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Dang John- You beat me to that line!

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Great minds think a like....that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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Maybe your 62 going on 17 ? or 21 ? : )

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Hi Larry, hope your incoming teeth pose no problem for you at all. I'm your age, and I could use a new tooth or two. Too bad you can't direct where they'll grow. I didn't even know this happened, so thanks for the post, and again, I hope they just come and cause no issues.

best, Hal

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the appearance/growth of your new wisdom tooth refelcts the wisdom you have gained and pass onto others.

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I am glad you posted this! I looked in my mouth last night, and feel a "bump" like a tooth where my wisdom tooth should have been many, many years ago! Lol!
I will see a dentist, but have to find out whether I can have Xrays. I have not had them in 2 years. I don't see why not, since exposure is minimal, and after all I have been thru with the CT/PETs I will probably glow in the dark anyway. At this point ...what the heck?
Anyone know, or do have have to make that dreaded call to my Onc? Press 1 for English, Press 2 for recept, Press 3 for records, Press 4 for anything else. To repeat this menu - press 9 Hello? No the Drs on vacation this week..... Lol!
Thanks for the info Larry!

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I can't remember your treatment plan Patty. But if you had radiation and the mask, you had X-Rays every week more than likely. I've been to the dentist since treatment twice without a big concern from anyone as for X-Rays.


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Maybe growing additional teeth is another symptom we are just learning about, LOL...


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Hey Larry did you take Erbitux also? Acne, wisdom teeth....is your voice changing too???
We're gonna have to give you a curfew.


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Glenn had all his teeth removed before Radiation. It would be freaky if his Wisdom teeth came in now. They'd be the only ones in his mouth!

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You know what they say, With age comes wisdom even if it is teeth…….

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