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Lhermitte's sign

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D Lewis
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I had a rather intense episode of Lhermitte's sign two nights ago, the first time I've experienced this. I'm now three months post rads and chemo. I was at the infamous Diamondback Grill, trying to (very slowly) eat my half order of bacon-cheddar cheeseburger with sweetpotato fries washed down with copious amounts of water and tea. Did I mention that the tables there are very small? Every time I looked straight down at my plate I got a power surge that started at my head, shot down my spine, tickled my knees, and then exploded out the soles of my feet. ZZZZZZAAAAPPPP! It was such a jolt that I would jump, and my kid would giggle. I felt like something from "Young Frankenstein" where the monster is shooting sparks and bolts of electricity. If I'd put a light bulb into my mouth, it would have lit up. Twelve hours later, I wasn't noticing it any more. Is anyone else having fun with this one?


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LOL, congrats Deb, now if you haven't gotten a Turkey Neck, you probaby soon will....both of which will nmore than likely go away to being minimal if at all...in close to a year.


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But it gradually went away. Took about a year for it to disappear entirely, though.

--Jim in Delaware

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I have this one too. For about three months so far, but it is getting better. One thing I have tried to do is de-sensitize myself to the darn thing. Every once in a while I try to keep tipping my head down until it gets better, or I don't notice it as much. I probably look silly, but it seems to help. Sort of a pigeon head bobbing to match my turkey neck...

Michelle H
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I've never heard of this. What is it? Does it happen post-treatment only? Does everyone have this?


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What's shakin' Deb, haven't seen you on in awhile. Of course first time I've been on in 2 weeks myself. Amazing how many posts you miss when you're gone for awhile. When my Lhermite started a month ago it was kind of a big jolt everytime I looked down. Now it's toned down and I just get a little twang. I think Jim said this in an earlier post.. I just use it for amusement now. When I get bored at work I look down to give me a thrill (the Lhermites!) or to wake myself up.

I'd say my guess is 75% of the people here say they had it. Mine started about 3 months post-treatment. I'm 4 months out now. I have never heard where it was a big deal, just kinda annoying.

Positive thoughts to all!

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Some people pay big money or have to take drugs to get that Buzz !


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All I can say is SHOCKING! Hang in there it will pass.


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Hi Deb, yes I have this happen every time I look down also, it's only subtle, but, my Doc said on Friday it should go away in time, it's the weirdest feeling isn't it. The girls catch me at work sometimes, just tipping my head up,.... then down.... doesn't bother me at all, just weird.

Kent Cass
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Is when mine started, with my last rad being in 4/09, and it has shown no signs of going away, as of this 8/10 date.


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