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angioimmunoblastic non hodgkins lymphoma

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My wife is in stage III B angioimmunoblastic non hodgkins lymphoma. She has had two chop chemo treatments. Wednesday she had a pet scan done. While she was having this done I was told by her doctor that she probably has 1 or 2 years to live. Friday they called with the pet scan results and said there were no signs of cancer. Is this possible? Please let me know because me and my wife are at wits end and our next appt is not until next wednesday. One other thing is there anyone that has been to the Cancer Center Of America in Chicago? That may be our next step.

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Sorry to hear about all of this. I don't know much about this form of Lymphoma other then it is very rare and involves T cells. I think it can respond to the chemo but returns quickly. Could you tell me about it? Also I have not been to any of the Cancer Centers Of America. I receive my treatment at Mayo Clinic. Good luck and prayers to you. Sorry I could not be of much help. Mary

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I am so sorry to hear about your wife. I am like Merry and know very little about this form of Lymphoma. I only know it involves the T-cell. I did check on some of the sites but could not come up with anything to tell you. I do think I would try to find another clinic since the scan shows everything is all clear and the first one showed something entirely different. Something does not sound right with that, even though it would be great news if all was all clear. You have really got to be sure in this diagnosis. John

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