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Biopsy Monday

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Please say a prayer, send good thoughts, howl at the moon - whatever it is that you do - for our family on Monday morning, bright and early. We are to be at hospital at 5:30 am for surgical biopsy of what doc thinks is recurrence of hubby's hypopharyngeal cancer.

As you all know, recurrence is not good and I don't know what it will mean. Likely surgery - but only time will tell. Trying to take it one step at a time but it's so dang hard.

My husband is being all stoic and brave, but I know he is nervous. He hates being put to sleep and I think he is dreading the procedure as much as the results. He rummaged around and found the xanax a couple of days ago, and that has helped his anxiety a bit.

Thanks for the prayers and support, will give an update on Monday. Heck, getting there at 5:30 am, we'll probably be home before the morning traffic clears out!

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You will all be in my prayers

Kent Cass
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A Beckon Call to All for Prayers. As so many of us have been blessed by our whatever-current state of survival, which is fact, many others are active in their fights, including those who are getting into the ring, again. Know that our Prayers are with you.



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positive thoughts that the update is good and prayers for healing

~ E. Cibil

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I'm wishing you all the best. You'll be in my hopes and prayers.


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Glenna M
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You and your family will be in my prayers.


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You and your family are in our prayers.

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Prayers will be offered for you and your family.

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Three years post-treatment for hypopharyngeal cancer and I still show necrotic tissue in one area. Even the RO (aka, Dr. Negative) no longer considers it to be of concern. So be of good heart. I wish your family and everyone on this board good health. Rich

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Prayer for you and your family tonight, and will be thinking of you all on Monday morning. I recently finished a simultaneous biopsy/removal of lymph nodes. Like your husband, I had to arrive very early, and didn't look forward to the preparation drill--put on these tights, tell everyone what you're allergic to fourteen times; but the surgery was a breeze, and it turned out I made the smart choice to have it done. Keep positive.

best, Hal

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My prayers are with you and your family. I can relate to being put under more than once. I was put under 3 times in 10 days. One for a surgical biopsy, the next was for what I thought would be the only surgery to remove the tonsil and neck dissection. I woke up 2 days later and was told they never even got to my neck and had to go back to the OR one more time.
In the end, the result was better than my Doc thought it would be.

I have read allot of your posts and you and your family are strong, I can understand being worried and frustrated. Your husband will meet the challenge, I am confident.

Positive thoughts and prayers for you from me tonight.



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Kimmy, lots of prayers and good thoughts coming your way.
God bless,

greg from pa
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You and your husband are being lifted up in prayer,as I write this you should be at the hospital. Greg

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I will keep you all in my prayer's.

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...and thinking of you this Monday morning. Your husband's and your journey is the journey of all of us...of course we are with you.
Surround yourself with love and support,

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Thoughts & Prayers to you also, only the best of results....

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Hi Kimmy,

Prayers and hope being sent for good results


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Pam M
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Don't blame your hubby - I am "funny" about being put under, too. Maybe it's because I (knock wood) never had to be put under before my tonsillectomy with biopsies. I sent positive thoughts your way the other day, then forgot all about it yesterday. Back to sending best wishes for you.

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