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Dry Mouth

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Has anyone had a problem with a dry mouth well after chemo ended? I'm 4 months out from treatment and lately my mouth is sooooo dry I can't stand it. I thought it was from the menopause, but when I asked my gyn, he said he never heard of that before. I didn't have any mouth problems from the 5-FU while in treatment, but I'm worried now about what this dry mouth could mean.

Has anyone else had this problem this long after?

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Hi I did not have dry mouth after, but I did suffer with the mouth sores after the 1st cycle of 5fu and mito. I do chew nicorette gum, so I really don't know, since my mouth is always lubricated. Have you tried drinking at least 64 ounces of water a day. As thats what your body needs to have just to function normally, as we are 70% water. I think there are also products made specifically for dry mouth. I would think a natural product would be best. I don't want to put any more chemicals in my body than necessary, and I know I need to quit chewing the gum. I wish you well. Lori

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You might want to try Biotene toothpaste and mouthwash--I think they are supposed to help with dry mouth issues.

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Susan - I used (and still use) the biotene toothpaste and mouthwash before and during treatment and now am still using it. I am newly out of treatment but do have some dry mouth issues but I think mine are caused by some meds I am taking. Are you taking any new meds? The biotene product is very gentle on the mouth and gums. I also chew sugarless gum and some lemon drops now and then to keep my mouth moist. Did that during therapy as well as I was terrified of mouth sores. Never got them but I was not about to take any chances. Marilyne

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Thanks, Marilyne. I'm not on any meds whatsoever, except for a low dose vaginal estrogen tablet. I have been using the biotene mouthwash and plan to get the toothpaste also. My concern isn't just treating the symptoms - I'm worried about why my mouth is so dry. (You know how it is - every weird symptom is worrisome.) I'm going to see my regular doc on Monday and I'll ask him. I found a number of women complaining about dry mouth following menopause on the internet, so that's probably all it is, despite what my ob/gyn says. I'll try keeping gum and lemon drops around the house. That is sure to help - thanks!

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Hi Susan, I think you are right to try and find out why your mouth is so dry as it is an important issue - no saliva = no tooth protection. Dry mouth IS an issue for woman going through menopause.

There are lots of saliva substitutes available, and everyones tastes are different so experiment!

All the best

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Sorry I did not post sooner... was under the weather a bit. But Biotene also makes a gum that helps with dry mouth. It is in the mouthwash section with the biotene mouthwash. I get it at Walmart.
Hugs and Prayers

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