Brother's surgery is schedule for 24th

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Hi Everyone,

I am starting to get very anxious and scared for my brother. We have plugged away since June17th when first diagnosed with stomach cancer to reach surgery on Tuesday. I am so worried as to how I will be able to deal with my brother and his recovery. At first the surgeons had said they would be able to do the surgery laproscopically but now that time is at hand. They mention it might not happen because of my brother's weight issues. He is 5 10 and weighs 335 pounds.

Having the open surgery is going to take longer. I hope he can cope with the pain. Plus my brother has a psych condition schizoaffective disorder. I am afraid all this stress with cause he to go into a relapse.

I have tried my best to get all my ducks in a row---I have a psych doctor on consult if the need arises. I am speaking to the social worker to make sure that my brother get helps when he can come home.

I guess mainly that now it is down to the wire I am just so scared for my brother. I am starting to second guess everything. I hope that is a normal feeling.

What do you think the chances are of having the surgery done laproscopically? How long of a recovery in the hospital do you think he will need. He is having a subtotal gastrectomy. Please send me some encouraging feedback.



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    HI Ellen.You have reached
    HI Ellen.You have reached this far I can imagine with great effort.Now just leave it to the doctors to do their best.They would have scored in all these issues.Since he is not undergoing a total gastrectomy post-operative food intake may be less of a problem.Best wishes for the 24th.I will be thinking of you.
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    Prayers for the 24th and Beyond!
    Hello Ellen
    It is the 24th....I am thinking of you and your brother. Hoping all went well with his surgery. God bless you both and give you peace at this time. First things about his mental state when you have too, not before then! Let us know how things went.