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Had a clean scope today

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I'll be two years out come Oct. 5, and today I went back to Johns Hopkins so my radiation oncologist could assault my nose with that stupid tube with the camera on the end and poke around in my throat for awhile. (My nose still resents the intrusion.)
However, I got a clean bill of health. Matter of fact, at my last scoping 6 months ago he told me, "It almost looks like you never had radiation." My saliva is back 100 percent, though it can be a bit thick, and my taste is 100 percent as well. All things considered, I'm doing WAY better than I deserve.
In any event, it makes me feel good to pass on a little bit of good news, particularly to give some hope to those who are going through treatment now and wondering if it will ever end and whether they'll ever feel better. It does, and you will.
My best to all of you here, and all who are battling the beast.

--Jim in Delaware

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It's really good to hear good news. I'm due for my second post treatment CT in Sept. and I'm sure my surgical onc and rad onc will have a look around.

Good for you, I know it feels good.

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Good to hear. You give me hope that my taste and saliva may once again be near 100%.


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Excellent news Jim and yes the gang do need some good news to show it can, be done and you can get it all back.


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Congratulation's on your good new's Jim! My Oncologist ask's me to choose which nostril I would like to have assaulted lol! Is there really any difference?

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I always have them feed the hose in the right nostril. Use the same one every time. I seemed to have a struggle by using the one on the left. My Doc always says let's stick with what works.


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Excellent report my friend and so glad to hear the good news. It is always good to hear reports like this as it helps many who are just on the starting line to see that life goes on after cancer.

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It is great to hear your good news!

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It is great to hear that you are doing so well. News like yours is great news for all of us. Enjoy the rest of your summer. You rule.

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D Lewis
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Joined: Jan 2010

So happy to hear your good news. It gives me heart. Saliva is non-existent for me at this point, but you give me hope.

Spitless Deb (M&M's won't even melt in her mouth)

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Pam M
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Joined: Nov 2009

Thanks for sharing the good news. Keep it up.

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I am very happy that you are doing so well.

greg from pa
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Great news Jim. Congrats! It does us all well to hear the good news. I love the great old state of Deleware by the way. My parents used to take us to a bungaloo down on the Indian river inlet from the early sixties on. I got married down there. I have been a part timer down there for a few years. Considering on moving down. TNX for sharing the good news on the clean scope! Greg

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Joined: Feb 2010

From what they have told us... the 2 year mark is very important! Congrats!!!!

Posts: 88
Joined: Aug 2009

Thanks for the inspiration.


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Joined: Dec 2009

Thanks for leading the way Jim. Excellent news.



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Glad to hear the great news Jim....

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Joined: Jun 2010

Great news to hear Jim. Cheers


Lena Rose
Posts: 73
Joined: Apr 2010

Congrats on your clean scope. I love to hear good news and it does give me hope (my hubby's only 10 weeks out). Time is a great healer.

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Joined: Jun 2010

It's nice to hear such fantastic news. It gives us all hope.

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Joined: May 2010

Jim, I'm so glad to hear your news. That is a terrific milestone and one I'm looking forward to seeing with Glenn also.

stevenl's picture
Posts: 587
Joined: Jan 2010


As much as you help people here you DO deserve to be doing well. Great news and here's hoping for many more to come.


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Joined: Jul 2009

Congrats Jim! You have made my week, and am so happy for you! I admire your courage, strength and wit! You are truly living proof that we all can fight this beast! Enjoy your continued healing, and thanks for you posts! Love & Prayers, Patty

Kent Cass
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Joined: Nov 2009

So, I reckon the Authority on teeth and gums is gonna stick around for awhile longer, huh?...Oh YEAH! For all of us who are current in this family, and for those who are yet to become one of us- this is very good news for everyone, Jim. Steve might be right, you know.



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Glenna M
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Congratulations on the good news. Always love to read about other people getting great news.

My best to everyone,

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Way to go Jim. Great news for you and gives us all inspiration. Congrats!


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