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All clear for our daughter!

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Dear Friends,

I cannot thank you enough for your thoughts and prayers. Katie has been through a number of procedures in her life and this was by far the smoothest. The nurses had been told she had autism and everyone was prepared that she might have a hard time. The nurse said, "Wow, she is really doing great." I said, "That's because there are people all over the country praying for her and holding her in their thoughts." The nurse just smiled.

The gastro came out and showed me the pics of the cleanest, smoothest colon around. Funny that those pics could make a mom so happy. :) She came out of recovery great too. She was just ready to get the heck out of there. She is now at home, playing on her computer. Dick goes to unhook in an hour and he is already talking about getting the boat in the water for the weekend. He is incredible.

I am breathing again. I am so grateful that these past two days have gone so well.

Thank you very much for everything.


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everything went well...give Dick hugs fro me and to the little one too...

Enjoy the weekend..


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I am so happy that things went so smoothly for your daughter today; thanks for letting us know! It sounds like Dick is feeling good too, that's great. Don't forget people all around the world hold you + yours in their thoughts + prayers.

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I am thrilled that all is clear with your daughter! Now take a deep breath and relax for a few, you deserve it!

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Wow what wonderful news. Been thinking and praying about all of you all day.


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So very glad to hear that wonderful news and thank you for sharing it with us.

Now, get in that boat and enjoy the weekend in those beautiful waters around your island...and do the hula for the good news!

Marie who loves kitties

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Kathleen, Thanks so much for letting us know! We are so happy to hear everything went well. Katie is lucky to have great parents!


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Lovely, Kathleen! Prayers answered!


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So glad to hear things went well. You already have enough to deal with. And when mom's happy, everyone else is happier too!

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now enjoy the week end!
you deserve it.
Have fun!

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I just got emotional reading your post,is so beautiful what you said about the power of prayers.Congratulations and enjoy your week-end.

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Excellent News! Glad everything was clear for your daughter and to hear that your husband seems to be handling treatment well

Have a great weekend and get out on that boat!


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I'm so glad everything went well. Prayer is so powerful! Have a wonderful weekend!


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Hi Kathleen,

I'm so very glad to hear that all went well with your daughter's procedure! And that Dick is ready to get the boat out, too- should be a good weekend!! :)


Fight for my love
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I am so happy for you.What a big relief!

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So glad to hear all went well. Love to you, Dick, your daughter, and all your family.


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So glad to hear things went well for you, Dick and your daughter. The angle on your shoulder did her job!!!

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Just wanted to say so pleased that everything has gone okay for you Kathleen. Hugs to you

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So happy to hear all was clear. I keep you and Dick and your family in my thoughts often.


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