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Joined: Apr 2010

Mark had his tube removed today. Took it into his own hands and made the appointment without any recommendation from his docs. They had to scramble to get his ENT to say it was ok. He has not used it in four weeks and his weight is on the rise. Looks like he has been shot in the stomach.
Never thought we would be here. I remember in April I would read all the posts about people finishing treatment and PEGS removed and thought we would never be THERE. To those of you just starting out, it is a one day at a time process and time does move forward even though sometimes it does not feel like it. There are mile stones, but there is no end.
Love to all of you,

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Getting rid of that thing is a great feeling.


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Glad to hear for Mark, Kimba. He's done a super job recovering, and I know your support has been one of his strenghts throughout.

best, Hal

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That is totally awesome! As someone who is just beginning this journey, it is inspiring to hear the progress from those who are on the other side. Congratulations!

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Congratulations!! It is truly a path we all walk together celebrating milestones!

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Great news...

I can't wait to be port-less... mine comes out in February - two years with it.

Kent Cass
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Joined: Nov 2009

Excellent, Kim. Another obstacle left in the dust by you and Mark. Excellent.


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I remember how much I wanted to get rid of that doggone tube and how happy I was when I finally did.
And you have to admit, it leaves a really cool scar. I call mine my old war wound.

--Jim in Delaware

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I'll bet he is so happy to have that out. Glad to hear he is gaining weight. Happy Day!

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Great news Kim for you and Mark. Nice for him to be able to do a full 360 when he is lying down now. Amazing how simple things in life are completely compromised with this blasted 'C', but Mark is now another big step in the right direction.


PS: If he tosses and turns at night, don't worry Kim, he is doing it because now ' HE CAN'.

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That is great news, one more positive step in the healing process.

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D Lewis
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Welcome to the "second belly-button" club!


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I second the second belly button club to. So glad to hear the good news that Mark is doing so well. All of us have had some big, big challenges to overcome, but hearing the great progress Mark has made is very hopeful for us all.

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Kim, you have been one truly strong person during this whole journey. Mark is quite fortunate to have you around to get as far as he has. In fact, we are all fortunate to have you around to make us think and question our ability to carry on.

Go look back to 4-14-2010 8:24am and read your initial post on here......"Newly Diagnosed, Need Help". Even then you "seemed" as though you had your act together. Congradulations to Mark, and hope the healing continues.


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Terriffic. I am glad that Mark is doing well. I hope I can get rid of mine someday.

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Joined: Jun 2010

Wow that is such good news to hear. I am so glad for both of you. Cheers


Lena Rose
Posts: 73
Joined: Apr 2010

So happy to hear that Mark lost an extra appendage! Wishing you both continued healing and blessings.

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Joined: May 2010

What great news. Mark has done so great. His progress has been an inspiration.

I know Glenn will be really happy to get rid of that tube. It's really an annoyance to him especially now that he's starting to feel better.

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Hi Kim,

It was a milestone moment for me, so I know it is for Mark also. Hoping for continued success!


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Glenna M
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Joined: May 2009

Great news Kim. Mark will really start to feel like his new "normal" now with that tube out of the way.

Stay well,

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Now the culinary experimentation begins. Have a great weekend.

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