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Scan results

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Talked to the oncologists nurse today. I have an appointment at 8:45 in the morning. All the nurse said is that the scan is suspicious and the doctor wants to talk. I'm guessing this is not a good thing since doctors do not like to give out bad news over the phone.


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Hi Eric,

I am thinking of you + hoping for good things for you. I am glad you are not having to wait too long to find out the results. Take good care.

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Actually, the nurse talked to my mom who is my care taker. Even though they wouldn't reveal anything, the nurse did say they wanted to talk about options. I guess that's a positive note. As long as there are options, there's hope.


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I think "options" is the word we all want to hear - it means they can do more than 1 thing to keep us going! Thanks so much for keeping us updated.

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I found out my cancer returned last Thursday during a coloscopy. I know the panic but it may be nothing and they want more tests. It took months for them to find anything and no cancer news is good but finding it early if there at all is good. I beat it once I will again! Hoping thwe best for you

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Sending many positive thoughts your way.


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thinking of you and praying for you...always.

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I hope there will be lots of good options for you. You're a very special person, and we want you around a long time, okay? Praying for you.


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They've pretty much got the brain met thing figured out. They put that helmet on you and zap the met from a dozen angles and it's gone. I truly don't concern myself at all with brain or liver mets. The ones that concern me are the tricky ones that develop near vessels, arteries, and passages between organs. All the other I'm fine with. When I meditate, I tell my cancer cells where they should or shouldn't go. I know it sounds funny but I had a met at the bottom of my liver growing very close to my right kidney. I kept telling the tumor he shouldn't get near the kidney because if he did they were gonna cut him down. The last two scans have shown no growth in that direction. Talking to the tumors takes some time. They are hard to distinguish between regular cells. It is important that when speaking with them that you keep your mind free of any treatments you may have in the works. Tell them what you want and get out. I set my alarm to distract me after 15 minutes. I think it works.

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Hoping that your doctor's appointment goes better than expected for you.


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Hi Eric,

I am thinking of you at this moment- you are probably in or just finished with your appointment. Please let us know as soon as you are up to writing.
Hugs to you-


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