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Stomas after Pelvic Exenteration what are they like?

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Looking to talk to someone who has had this proceedure done and can tell me about the stomas and the bags. Just want to know what I can expect. Will be having this done in about 3 weeks.

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I just posted a message on your other post. There are a few ladies on www.inspire.com that have been through this same surgery. There is also some people on UOAA, must do not have cancer diagnosis but they have colostomies and urostomies. I am very sorry that this is happening, I'm not sure why there are a few of us who must go through this but there must be some kind of reason. Please get at least a couple opinions before you go through this. It deffinately sounds like you need exenteration for maybe they don't need both ends and the bladder could be made internally so you don't have 2 bags. Please keep me posted.


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I have looked up stoma care because I know it will be the next step for me if the cancer comes back. YouTube videos on urostomy and colostomy ileostomy care seem geared to nurses or caregivers but it is good to see the right way to care for yourself. I am sure that a good quality of life is very much related to quick wound and stoma healing. I hope this helps-I feel for you and wish you the very best!

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