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feeding tube

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My mother had her surgery 15 months ago. A majority of her tongue was removed and she has been using a peg for nutrition ever since. She tries to swallow liquids or pureed foods without much success. Any feedback on what has worked for others would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi there. You didn't say whether she cannot swallow due to a stricture of because she lost her ability to swallow. The former they can do an endoscopy and they can dialate or stretch the stricture. A swallowing study is used to see where the problem is. Radiation damaged me and I have a very narrow stricture high up. Been stretched twice but still have problems.

You can also consulate with a speech therapist. You can look up swallowing exercises.

If her mouth still burns it may be a lot of trial and error. I find that milk products coat my mouth and tongue and I tolerate them best. I have also had success with bananas, avocados, and some cooked veggies that I mince in a food chopper first before cooking till they are soft.

Maybe I could be more helpful with a bit more info about why she can't swallow. I wish you both well.


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