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thyrogen bloodwork...cancer or "good" thyroid tissue

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When taking thyrogen injection before body scan and they take your bloodwork, if it comes back high does that mean that the mass (even though small) they saw in a sonogram is 100% cancerous or could it still be "good" thyroid tissue?

What thyrogen number is considered OK and what is considered high?

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When some tissue is visualized on a sonogram - even if tg is elevated or not, techinically there is no way of knowing if it is regular thyroid tissue or cancerous tissue without a biopsy.

I remember your tg was 14 and then dropped to 1 or something in the next draw... was one of those tests with thyrogen (stimulated level)?

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Boy, you have a good memory!
I go for my thyrogen and body scan next week.
I had a sonogram over a month ago and the sono dr said there was a small mass in my neck. To him it looked like thyroid tissue.
My endo dr said the next step would be either thyrogen/body scan or biopsy. (He left which one I had up to me.) I asked if one was better than the other for showing if it was cancer or not and he said they were both about the same. He said he would start w/the thyrogen/body scan and could always do the biopsy later. (I don't know if it is because the biopsy is more invasive.)

So, I opted for the shot/scan. But now I am having second thoughts and wondered if I should have gone the biopsy route. To me, that would be more definitive. Especially since I had a body scan in March and it showed up negative...BUT, the dr I had at that time didn't do the thyrogen bloodwork so even though the scan was negative I never got a precise answer. (I didn't know that until I changed drs.)

If thyrogen comes back low, then what would the small mass in my neck mean? "Good" thyroid tissue?
I just hate the waiting!

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