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Today's Procedure

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Well folks, I made it through my simulation with flying colors! I had to remind myself several times to breathe, relax and that I was not choking. I feel great knowing that I can make it through the daily treatments.

Now the funny news. I have some fluid collection from my neck dissection that will not go away, despite being drained once. Because of the fluid collection, it somehow threw off the imaging from the scan they did today. The fluid needs to drained again, and then I go back for yet another simulation and probably making another mask. At least I get another facial, right?

Oh, and I still have "waffle-face" after three hours...

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Pam M
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Glad you made it through the dry run. Never occurred to me that turkey neck would interfere with rads (I didn't have surgery, so didn't get turkey neck 'til after rads). It must've made the mask much more uncomfortable for you.
How do they drain the fluid? I wonder if they'll keep two masks on hand for you - with and without fluid buildup.
And, yep, gotta love the waffle face.

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Pam -

To answer your question, feel the divot in your collarbone? Right above that, I have a lump about 6cm by 3 cm that is filled with fluid and for some reason, fat cells. I get a few pokes with lidocaine and then they insert a fairly good sized needle into the lump and pull out the fluid. It's a needle aspiration, only with a larger needle. Thankfully I don't have much phobia regarding needles, but I keep my eyes closed the entire time.

I did ask the tech to be generous with the eye holes and if he could draw on some eyelashes. I got my wish on the eye holes, but not so much on the lashes.

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Hi Grace, sorry you have to go through a refit and re-simulation. The time will pass quickly though, both on and off the treatment table. If you can get through the simulation once, then the process get easier after that. When I was fitted with my mask, the rad tech lightly touched both of my eyelids (eyes) to make sure the mask was settling I guess. The result was, when the mask set, each of my early sessions, it bore down on my eyes to the point I couldn't drive myself home unless I waited a half hour after treatment because my vision was blurred. I soon told the techs, and asked if they could relieve the pressure, and after talking with my rad doc, simply cut out the eyes, which made it pretty scary looking, but didn't bother my eyes.

I also lost enough weight, that the mask loosened and the waffling went away. I never mentioned it and tried to make sure my head was to the top of the mask each treatment, but it was more comfortable. The techs made it easy for me. I was assured that if I raised my hand, they would be in, and once I believed in them, it made the mask time seem less and less as treatments went on. I hope your treatment time passes quickly for you.

best, Hal

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Anticipation is often greater than reality. After your simulation, you now know you can do this. Your positive attitude shows through in your post. Two masks: book ends? lamps for each end of your couch? possibilities could be endless.
Best to you,

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I used to resemble that remark.....

I would have waffle face for quite a while after rads also....along with a smooched nose, and eyes that you could barely see out of.

Glad you are handling it well....it'll be a memory from the past in a few months.


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