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Craig, How are you feeling????


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Hi, Kathy

Thank you for your concern, it is surely appreciated.

I'm doing as well as I can right now. The pain is constant and I'm sure some of it is the healing process. Fortunately, we have skin covering all of that up, so we can't see what's going on inside. I'm not taking anything for it anymore, just riding it out on my own.

And, I stay walking the treadmill about 3x a day to keep the lung stretched and try to build up some of my stamina back up, but still short of breath.

I have to meet with radiation and surgical oncologists over the next 2-weeks to discuss the next phase of the plans. Wish that could be different, but I have to embrace this portion of it, or the surgery is for naught. I don't relish the radiation part of this equation - I was adamantly against it, but as always, when you say never, you always do the opposite.

Since that tumor was so close to the spine, I'm sure there are plenty of cancer cells still left and this seems to be the best approach for knocking them back down. Having to sacrifice more lung tissue will be the price I have to pay, but we can't let it get to the spine - that's the highway to the brain.

The next 2 weeks should fill in some of the blanks and answer some questions that I have. I'm staying optimistic and not complaining. I've been at this for so long, that I just don't have the anger and bitter emotions anymore - just simply what has to be done.

I hope you are doing well as can be too! I really want to thank you for this post. I've been keeping up when I can, but have not been able to post too much these days as I can only sit up or stand for so long. Time will hopefully take care of that. I've only been out of surgery for 30-days, so it's early yet. Just trying to get better so that I can return to work and keep my job.

Thanks for thinking about me, Kathy!

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Paula G.
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Sorry you are having pain. It seems you are staying on top of what you need to do. I thinking of you too.... Take care. Paula

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I am glad to hear that you are on the mend! It does take time but you appear to be on the path to healing and for that I am grateful. Please take care and if you can only pop in and say "Hey. I am ok" that would be enough for all of us here who care about you!


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Glad to hear you are doing a little better. You are such a positive person. Keep up the positive thinking and hope you improve some each day. Take care and God Bless. Margaret

Fight for my love
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My brother,I know you may suffer pain.This is also why I didn't pm you,I don't want to bond you in front of the computer just for replying me and suffer the pain.But I know you will get recovered by time.Please take your time and get well asap.I am glad to know both you and your doctor will have a plan soon,knock this down again.I know you can do this.Take care.

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I am sorry you are in this pain, but your attitude is perfect for fighting this, which we all know you will do successfully. I am sorry you have the chemo + radiation to go through, but it sounds like it is part of the package. Take good care!

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I, too, am thinking about you and praying that you continue to heal. Holding you in the Light for healing and strength.

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You're just so awesome the way you fight through all this with such grace and humor. Still praying for you, as always!


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Have much faith in your recovery and your spirit to recover.
You are an inspiration as many are on this forum.
Keep up the treadmill work, hoping for your recovery soon so you may keep your job.
Prayers and cyber hand holding here.
Winter Marie

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So sorry that you are still in so much pain but you have been through so much and it hasn't been all that long ago. Praying that you have a complete recovery. Glad you are doing the treadmill. It is beneficial in so many ways.


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hang in there buddy....you are a road warrior....one of the best !! Love ya , Buzz

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Hey Craig! Hang in there...it gets better. Although it still hurts when I sneeze and yawn heavily. I had the clamshell incision. And the cracked ribs. Anyway, keep your head to the sky my friend.


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i'm so happy you're doing okay. i'm so worried about everyone on the board that is going through such difficult times. every time i log on here, i fear that there is going to be more bad news, and i wonder how much more i can take of it. it's nice to hear when someone is doing better though, and i'm reading much of that. Unfortunately, i have my own bad news to post today, and it helps me so much to see you holding on and surviving even when things look so grim. What do you do each new time you get bad news?

Hugs and hopes for a speedy recovery,

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posted in wrong place! do you really think i need more chemo? lol

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