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I returned to work today - with a bag of goodies to eat and my feeding bag and slupplies if I can't get enough down. It feels so good to be back. I work at the tech desk at a high school - not very labor intensive.

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Every thing that adds a little "normal". Even if our new normal means a little bag of goodies. Mark always has bottles of Ensure in tow.
Congrats on being back at work.

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It does feel good...I've been back for almost six weeks, two full time. I bring my "lunch" and a couple of Ensures for insurance.


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Congrats Judy, although I loved working from home.....I unfortunately had to return also.

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Good stuff Judy. I get my last chemo on the 30th of this month and I plan to go back to work on or around Sept 13th or 20th. I can't wait. I have been working from home now for a month or so, I'm also in IT and just working from home has felt like I have purpose again. I am concerned about eating at work as my eating isn't going as well as I want.

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John, my job involves 90% or more database modeling and reporting. I worked from home connecting to my work computers with a token, nearly all of 2009.

When I finished treatment toward the end of July last year, I waited an additional few weeks until I could at least eat or drink something without the associated pain. Once I achieved that for a few weeks, then I worked about a month splitting the in office and still at home shcedule. I pretty much worked full time from home during treatment. But again, that was whn I felt like it, and at my own schedule, not structured at all.

After a month of the split location, I started back full time in the office after Labor Day. I think the biggest thing to me was the initial fatigue. I still have a little fatigue issues, though it seems to be more work related. If I'm out fishing, it doesn't seem to bother me as much...funny how that works.


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Great news Judy! Strange how we mostly all dream of not having to work and find out that we can miss it so much. Hang in there!!


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D Lewis
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I returned to work Monday of last week, after a 24-week leave of absence. Desk job at the County government offices. I bring a lunch box full of small munchable goodies, but I am noticing that, as it takes me so long to eat, it's difficult to eat enough during the day. I think my weight is down a couple of pounds over the last week. I will need to try harder. I do carry the Ensures, and I make a point to eat again, as soon as I get home in the evening.


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I plan to stop by my office and visit with my employees Thursday afternoon on my way to my Dr. Appt. This will be the first time I will have left my home. I am really looking forward to it. Based on the way i feel now, I want to try to work a few hours per week at the office and continue to work from home.

I hope when you returned to work it helped with the returning back to the norm for you.

Do not over do it!!



Kent Cass
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Judy, about returning to work. Just might be very beneficial to you, both mentally and physically. Was for me. Great to hear.


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Hi Judy

Good news to hear, now make sure you don't try to overdo it. I also just returned to work at the golf course on Saturday, although for now I am just going in the mornings. I have been directing things from home during treatment, so there's not really much to catch up with. I have a bowl of cereal (that tastes pretty much like cardboard still) before I leave the house and bring a good size protein shake with me. An empty golf course at 6am is a really nice place to be. Cheers


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