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endoscopy fail

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I had an endoscopy yesterday, well an aborted endoscopy. The nice Dr could not get the endoscope down my throat and did not want to risk perforating my esophagus. So now I have a barium swallow on the 25th to determine the location of the stricture so they can go back in another week to try and open it up.

I know Joe has had this done (3 times!) but has anyone had a stricture that did not allow the endoscope to enter? What is your experience? I kind of know what to expect but would appreciate any feedback. I'm still dreaming about food!



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Sorry you are having trouble. You might ask them to use a pediatric endoscope. Rich

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The very first one I had was to find out the cause of my anemia. The Doctor, not knowing that I had problems, ripped a stricture at the top of my esophagus. He mentioned excessive bleeding in his report. I had a second one done yesterday (different Doctor) used a pediatic scope. No problems at all.

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Mick, I am sorry you are in this boat. I have had three also. The last two because of the damage from rads. I dream of food too. I am pretty miserable some days. They had to use pediatric stuff for me too. My mouth does not open wide enough and I am hard to intubate. The first time they went and stretched the stricture from 2mm to 9mm. I still could not get food down. The second time they stretched it more. I can get some puréed, minced, and soft foods down. Not much tho. Things also still burn. And I have like no saliva. They had scheduled me for another but I am too scared because things got pretty hairy during the proceedure and they almost lost me. My one gastro doc was in there for the proceedure and when I said I thought I was too scared to do it again she said, "I don't blame you, it got pretty hairy in there.". Yeah. Vote of confidence there. My problems are with the ventalator and anesthesia tho.
They may have to do it in stages. They don't want to risk tearring annything. I hope that it goes well for you. I still have my peg and I am still 94lbs. I haven't really been posting cause I don't want to be negative. It stinks being 15 months out and still can't eat. Best of luck to you.


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Thanks so much for your honesty and I am so sorry for your difficulties. I appreciate the pediatric advice and I'll mention that to my Dr. I have not eaten (by mouth) since March 28 (a smoothie I could barely get down). I am hopeful because I have good saliva function and everything seems to work structurally (according to the speech pathologist). They worry about perforating the esophagus and want to go slow. That's ok with me - at this stage I am accustomed to waiting :-\



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Mick, sounds scary. You are so brave. As a caregiver, I don't see how y'all go through some of the stuff you do. Hang in there - they will get it dealt with and hopefully you'll be eating like a horse SOON!

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