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weight loss

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HELP!!! I need to know what is the best weight gain plan. I topped off today at 86.2...not good. My skin is hanging off me, I'm wearing the Hannah Montana collection, for Gods Sake, and they are too big. I eat bagels with cream cheese, pudding, oatmeal, cookies, ice cream, sherbet, I drink Ensure every morning, but the pounds keep slipping off. Any advice? Thanks, Melodie

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I lost weight too--I got down to 92 pounds. I had a really hard time eating ANYTHING, so I think if you are eating all those things you have listed, you're doing better than I did! Add powdered milk to pudding and shakes. In addition to the cream cheese, add butter to muffins, etc. Eat anything that sounds good and eat as much of it as you can tolerate! If you can eat peanut butter, that would be a lot of calories. I looked in my book "Eating Well Through Cancer," and it suggested most of the things you are already doing. Just keep eating!

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Hi Melodie

I as well lost alot of weight....all back on now though!! Eventually you will start putting it back on. You might add protein powder to your ensure.

How's your guy doing??? things going any better there??

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I lost over 40 pounds but had a lot more to lose than most of you guys. However, weight seems to fall off no matter what. I kinda decided that the radiation must somehow keep the body from using some of the calories we take in. There were only a very few days when I was unable to eat... a couple with nausea during chemo and during the worst of the mouth sores time. I have gained back nearly 30 of those that came off - and wish I had not gotten them back either as weight is currently one of my worst health problems.

I am sure the advice of the others of you slim ones will help you stop losing.

Bon Appetit!

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