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1st p e t results

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So I got my p e t results today. The doctor said nothing lit up or was a red flag, but she wouldn't say there was NED. She wants me to have a biopsy to make sure. She said that the p e t scan does not sometimes give a good view in the anal area. Has anyones doctors ever said that? However I have 2 lymph nodes in lungs that are enlarged, So I need to have those biopsied too. She called it sarcoidosis. So next week i'm off to see a lung doctor.So i'm taking today as more of good news than bad!


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Hi Lisa--

Congrats on your good PET scan results. I've never heard that PET scans do not always give a good view of the anal area. I'm not sure why your doctor would want to do a biopsy if nothing lit up in your anal area on the scan, but some doctors seem to want to do post-treatment biopsies. Ask your doctor about healing issues after a biopsy--radiated skin does not heal well sometimes. Also, I would ask how the specimen would be taken--my colorectal doctor told me she would not use large forceps on me to get a biopsy if one was indicated during my last colonoscopy. Rather, she planned to use small forceps, thus, causing less damage. Luckily for me, she saw no areas of concern and did not feel a biopsy was necessary. As for the lung nodules, I have granulomas that show up in my lungs on every PET scan, but they are calcified, which indicates old disease, most likely histoplasmosis. That's a disease caused by breathing in spores that are in the soil. It's common in people who live in agricultural areas and I grew up in the midwest. Since these are calcified areas, they are of no concern. I don't know where you live or grew up, but I hope that is the case for you. Keep thinking positive thoughts--I'm sure everything is going to be okay!

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Hi Lisa

My onc doesn't prefer to do PET..I think for the same reason. I always ask him and he always explains it to me in a way that makes sense, as to why he always sends me for a CAT rather than PET, I just can never remember it once I leave.
I had a biopsy a couple of months after treatment as well.....did leave me very sore....but it was nice to have piece of mind.
Good luck!!!

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My PET always called for skull to thigh scan so I think my docs felt confident that anal areas would show up. They did on original one. Since I am now more than 2 years a survivor, I get an annual CAT instead of PET scans. I still had 6 month sigmoidoscopies but the next won't be until next June now. I had biopsies at least 3 times subsequent to treatment though each time doc told me it was only precautionary as he believed he was only seeing scarring and radiation damaged skin. He hasn't biopsied in about 9 months now.

I think it is a very very good sign that the PET is basically clear. Congratulations! May they continue that way. And, re biopsy, in retrospect I don't remember any special discomfort following them.


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