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Does anyone else have the problem of your scar itching, and what do you do for it? I'm using a anti-itch cream that helps some but I have to reapply it after a couple of hours.

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I had my lumpectomy on October 13, 2008 and it still itches so bad I could scream sometimes. I questioned my oncologist about it and she said it will itch for quite a while, it is still healing. Geez!!!! The itching I can deal with, but what drops me to my knees sometimes is the cramping under the breast where the radiation was pinpointed at. Does anyone have that?

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I had my lumpectomy in Dec. '09, finished chemo in May '10 and just finished rads 2 weeks ago. I have major itching at times--of the whole breast and I swear there is a little man with a box of straight pins inside my breast just poking them from the inside out whenever he chooses. Also, sometimes I feel that scalpal scraping deep inside my breast against my rib cage. I keep asking my husband, will this ever go away. Will I EVER be pain free? (He assures me it will and rubs my back!)

Hugs, Renee

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Both rads onc and medical onc assure me that the itching and the stabbing and the aching are normal. None of it's debilitating, it just scared me cause the first three months I was basically pain and itch free then it started. I'll be at work and the breast will ache. Or I'll feel like somebody randomly stabbed me under my arm. Just weird. The doctors said the stabbing is the nerves regenerating and now that they're regenerated, it hurts. Goodie!!!

I don't want any of you to hurt, or itch, and I don't subscribe to the theory that misery loves company, I'm just glad to know I'm not the only one.

Good luck to us all!!!


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I had the same thing. My lumpectomy was 6/09. I was told to keep the whole breast area moisturized even after rads and it helped. I still use aloe gel on it and it rarely itches now.


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jo jo
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Me too...i have all those little corks too plus my major itch is where my drain tubes were. I just want to scratch them raw but of course i dont...but i want to.

Renee i love your explaination of the little men with pins...thats too funny and sadly true!

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I actually have dry skin over the scar area. And the scar area is usually warmer that the rest of my chest. Anyone else have this "hot spot, too?

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I look at the big pucker of a scar and where it itches, and a lot of times it is warmer than the rest of my breast. The oncologist says that is normal too! But nobody has said anything about cramps in the area under the breast where they shoot the rads in.

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