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Still Have pain!

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Hello, Hope everyone had a good weekend!! I am starting my 7th week post treatment and still have pain in the back of my throat on the right side when I swallow. Also some pain in the right jaw area. These areas are obviously where I got the most radiation. Is this normal to still have pain this far out of treatment? :(


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Yeah I think its normal because I'm about the same stage you are post treatment and I still have pain. It's not terrible but its not comfortable either. Drinking fluids are ok but some food still hurts. On a scale from 1-10, fluids are about 1-2 and food is about 5-6.

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Sounds like my experience too. I would start my food attempts with a little liquid Lortab to pave the way. It slowly improved for me. Now at 13 weeks post treatment I can eat most things...provided they appeal to me...with little to no discomfort.

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My dad is about 7 weeks post treatment and he is still having some pain. He has a dull headache at times and where the tumor was located on his tongue he complains of some discomfort there. Also, says his tongue is still tender. I was also wondering if this was normal.

He does not have any problems with his throat, but does at times feel like there is a little something there.


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Hi Charles,

Hard to say specifically without knowing the extent of what you are calling pain. I'm fourteen months out, an still experience various aches, pain, soreness, stiffness and swelling.

It always concerns me, but usually doesn't last more than a few days, sometimes it does. I still routinely see my ENT every 8 - 12 weeks (and more if I feel I need). He scopes me, pokes, probes and thoroughly examines my mouth, throat, and tongue.

He always reassures me that these are common symptoms from the radiation primarily. But also, he doesn't make me feel overly cautious. He lets me know that he'd rather I be aware and get checked out. Much better than to be too unconcerned and let something go, that could be serious.

Nothing to the extent that it's painful to swallow or eat, but enough to let me know that I feel something. Things like even being a little hoarse (which I am today), swollen glands, slight ear aches, stiffness in my neck....

Best always,

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7 Weeks is still fairly fresh out Charles. you are doing pretty well I think. Weird pains will come and go as all the bit recover from the Rads and Chemo. I would definitely have the throat pain checked out by your ENT. Keep a closer eye on that.

Now 10-11 months out, I have a mild muscle pain in the neck area but only feel it when I rub my neck ("So don't rub your neck Scam !")

I have been on 1 tab of Lyrica a day since treatment. It's a pain med and it also aids sleeping.


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Charles, your doing great, Hang in there, of course ask your doctor, or talk to the Nurse on Duty, I called them every other day and she was a saint, and answered all my quaestions. Mine radiation was over on January 28th. What I deal with and was told this was normal, Swelling of the jaw..radiation related... my teeth are killing me...also radiation, sore throat comes and goes, take my hdyros before meals. eat like a champ, ear ache l/s, normal...its something i was told will decrease over a years time or stay the same, I know you worry everyday you get out of bed...If you want too, I didn't this am, but had too..lol, call the nurse if your truly concerned, and continuing asking questions, surely one or all of us are dealing with one of the above or something i forgot to mention, 5 days till the trach comes out for good and counting. Take care Charles, Scam, John and all my cancer buds.....P.S I have also dealing with acne, I know this is wierd for a 52, makes me feel like I'm in High School again!!!...LOL

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LOL, I have a spot here and there much more frequently than I ever had in my life...must be another one of those "undocumented features" of treatment....


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Ulcers in Mark's mouth are what are causing his pain. When I spoke with a oncology nurse regarding this the other day, she said, "they take a long time to heal". She did not define "long time". I don't know when you get scoped again, Mark goes in on the 25th of this month to see what's happening in there, but he has an ulcer on the side of his tongue in the back that gets aggrivated more and more over the course of the day because of talking and eating.
I bought him a mouth rinse made by Colgate with hydrogen peroxide, he likes it and thinks that it may be helping him turn the corner in the healing of this one particular sore. I don't know if you can gargle back far enough to get to where it hurts with you.

Scam recently wrote about putting the L-glutimine in water and drinking it. That the contact going down helps in healing.

Mark is also using a topical lidocaine before eating, which helps. If your ulcers are back in your throat, I imagine the topical would not be possible.

One thing we learned, is pain management is critical. Talk to your medical peeps to really understand what you pain sorce is and what the best approach to managing it is. Mark has settled on ibuprofin with codeine.
My Best to you Charles, and all the marvelous people on these boards,

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Good tips Kimba. Also check out magic mouth wash, it has numbing agents in it, swish and swallow. Helped me during treatments.

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