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Update on Hubby

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Jan Trinks
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Hi all:

Basketcase checking in here. Charlie has finished 5 of 7 erbitux/taxotere treatments. One is this Tuesday and the other next Tuesday. He has not gotten the taxotere the past two weeks due to mouth sores. Don't know when the scan will be to check our progress; onc. told us if we are getting a good response, we will do another round of 7 weeks of erbitux. However, when we saw the onc. last Tues. and he was telling him about his back pain again; he had us visit the Radiation onc. on Wed. and he feels they can alleviate that greatly if not totally. I've never seen anyone so excited about radiation before as Charlie has been. Anyway he started 15 treatments on Thurs. However, he opted for laying on the table on his stomach instead of his back for the treatments and has really been sore from that. Hopefully that will work itself out. Thanks again for all the prayers and keep them coming as we will do the same for all of you!

Jan and Charlie

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Hi Jan,

I am happy to hear from you and get an update on Charlie. I will be hoping and praying for a good report. Thanks for checking in and please keep us updated.


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I'm with Steve... glad to hear from you. Continuing to pray...stay strong!

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Glenna M
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Thanks for the update on Charlie. I will be keeping you both in my prayers. Hoping the radiation will get rid of his back pain.

Take care,

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Thanks for the up-date will continue to keep you and Charlie in our prayers

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I will be keeping Charlie in my prayers - thank you for the update.

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