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Feeding tube hole

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I had my feeding tube taken out six days ago, my question is. How long did you wait before going swimming and getting into the lake? I have not gone swimming or boating this year since I could not get into the water. Tommorow will be 100 degrees and I want to take the fishing boat to the lake. Should I wait or get in the water?


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What did your Dr say? Did your Dr not say? If he/she did not I am shocked that something as important as this would go unadvised.

What I understand is, for most cases, the wait is only a few days.



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D Lewis
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Hi Brad.

My gastroenterologist told me to wait about a week or so, then take a good look at it and see if it had fully closed off. She said that some folks, those that had a tube for many months or years, sometimes took longer than that to close off. Mine didn't look fully closed to me after a week (but I'm paranoid) so I stayed out of the water a week or so longer. It was definitely closed then. So, just take a good look at it. I'm betting you are okay.

So VERY happy to hear that you are up for boating on the lake!


Kent Cass
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Not to spook you about the closure, Brad, but I still am getting seapage out of my new/2nd belly-button, and I got my PEG out on May 4th. Did have it for 15+-months, so maybe mine's a lot slower than some. If it was me, I'd still try to find a way to keep the H2O out.


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I had mine for six months, seems scabed over now. I think I will wait for another week or so before I go swimming. Headed to Oregon next month to go crabbing and some fishing as well.


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you could try those neat Waterproof patches that come in various sizes. If you are a 'hersuit' type (Hairy man), you may want to shave a patch around it to make sure you get a good clean seal.


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