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How about nutritional supplements?

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I've always been kind of a health nut and a regular part of my diet has been stuff called JuicePlus+ (just organic fruits, vegetable & vineyard dehydrated in a capsule form). It's for people who don't think theiy consume the proper amount of fruits and veggies in their regular diet. I do some Omega-3 fish oil as well.

The only thing the docs have told me is to cut out the antioxidants during radiation treatments. Anyone know of a radiation-healthy-helping, cancer-azz-kickin' diet plan that helps? I'm not talking about liquid nutrition when the swallowing gets tough or a PEG, I'm talking about the makeup of what goes on in. Anyone get some good Dietician advice that has helped maintain your immune system and (otherwise) overall health?

BTW, 3 treatments down and 32 more to go. I'm just starting my adventure!

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Before started my treatments, I read a book called Anti-Cancer by David Servan-Schreiber. Lots of nutritional info. One thing that caught my eye was Turmeric (curcumin is a compound in turmeric) and it's big time anti-inflamatory properties. I don't recall specifics...(chemo brain?), but it should be taken with black pepper to be most effective. And I think cold pressed olive oil too. I will take a look later tonight and post again. I seem to recall that MD Anderson did some studies on Curcumin as well.

Stay strong, I can tell you will do great.

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I received the same sort of advice from my nutritionist the other day as well. She said that having the normal "super-foods" in your diet was fine (blueberries, etc..), but just avoid the types of cleanses / treatments that pump that stuff into you. She said it was counter-productive in that the rad/chemo was suppose to destroy the cells that the antioxidants were protecting.

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we opened the juice plus caps and mxed wth water and poored it right in the feeding tube.

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I saw a Naturopath throughout my treatment and still do - for a complimentary approach. I used some Homeopathic to relieve burning and anxiety and i took some supplements: MCP, Calli Tea and I lived on Vitashakes after week 3 till a couple of months post via the PEG, as i had a pretty rough time in treatment. Vitashake is by Sunrider, a plant based nutritional powder I mixed with rice milk (or Soy/Almond Oat milks also good). I couldn't tolerate any of the Ensure type meal replacements.

There is more on my Expressions page re diet and supplements. i found I could just manage the Shakes by tube after week 3 so all other stuff went out the window till I started my recovery.

If you can do juices, then they are great and also good to get fresh valuable nutrients in fast and also help keep the 'motions' going, which is very important in case you need heavy pain meds as constipation can become an issue so keep your fluids up as much as possible.


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i am a couple years out i used to do 2 shakes a day down feeding tube when that was removed i went to one.
So right now i do
1 package Amplified Muscle Meal from GNC
2 scoops of Super Foods Supreme from GNC
I scoop of Maximum Greens from GNC
2 scoops of Reliv Now a powdered multivitimin for Reliv online
1 teaspoon of freeze dried blackrassberries from Stokesberry Farms in Ohio
2 shot glasses of pure Aloe
2 tablesppoons of Flax seed oil
All in one of those big shakers from GNC fill to top with water
Then the pills i swolow with it are
Triple strenght Fish OIl
Royal Jelly
Babay Asperin

I am 54 i did 3 months induction chemo Taxol Erbitux and Carboplatin
Then 2 months of Radiation with doubles on fridays and Cisplatin chemo dailey on weeks 1,4 and 7
Then had Radical neck disection
I have a 23 year old wife and a 4 year old son and my wife is now 2 months pregnant

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Hi Victor,

My Naturopath took me off Flax Seed Oil and gave me a ProEFA Omega 3 Fish Oil with Borage Oil instead.

While the positive effects of Flax Seed Oil are many, there were some concerns over some studies showing a link between Flax Seed Oil and Prostate Cancer. As usual there are two sides to the argument but just thought it may be worth checking out if not already.

Your Daily Shakaroo is a excellent. ine is a bit wimpy in comparison. Yours must be working as you have made a great recovery ...and...Congratulations on the good news you and your wife have. I started around the same time as you age wise and have a 3 year old and 1 year old boy (that's him in the pic over there.. <<<)

All the best

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You two have a good plan there:) Happy you are doing well


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try mitchell gaynor, md in nyc

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