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CEA was right cancer is back

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I had a coloscopy today and colon cancer was returned. They found a @1 inch long by @1 inch wide tumor at the top of my descending colon about 26 inches from where they removed that last(stage 3) tumor 4 1/2 years ago. Good new is the gastro doc says it may only require surgery and no radiation or chemo becuase he thinks it's stage 1. Since it is non-circumferential; not bleeding; and not much invasive tio the wall. He already injected ink into it for removal.He is pretty certain it is colon cancer but sent in a sample for biopsy because my pet-scan was clear four months ago when my CEA started to climb and there is a very very remote chance the tumor is benign. Since it looks like they won't need to take any margins maybe this could be done laparoscopy. It's a lie that chicks dig scars. I also don't believe for a moment that my ONC won't hit me with chemo again. Just six months from five years...now I have to reset the clock- day 1 year 1 and put my family through this again.

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I can only imagine how difficult it must be to have to deal with all this again. It would be wonderful if benign, but even if cancer it sounds like it is in early stage and very operable.

As for the thing about chicks not digging scars, you just haven found the right chicks. Some may even have a scar or two of their own. You could always make up some interesting tales about how you got the scars...my dad always said a major one he had on his chest was from fighting off indians.

Don't worry about resetting that imaginary 5 year clock. Every day that you feel good is a blessing, they just don't always come one after the other.

Take care and keep us posted as you learn more.


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I am so sorry the cancer has returned. I know exactly how you feel. I had a recurrence after 7 years cancer free. First time Stage IV, this time Stage II, no chemo this time, thank God, just surgery. You got through this before and you can certainly do it again. It's unbelievable how strong you can become.
Keep the faith . . .

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That has to be just devastating news, but if it is stage 1, it sounds like they caught it early enough. Just count every day as special. Hoping the surgery will go smoothly and you will have a fast recovery.


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Sorry it came back, I hope that all goes well with the surgery and this will be the last time you ever have to deal with this. Yes the scars suck, I still struggle with it.

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I'm so sorry. I was hoping you'd get different news. At least it does look it's caught early, so hopefully it won't be a huge setback. You're in my prayers.


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I am sorry to hear it is back, but glad for the fact that it is caught early. I know the scars aren't fun, but they are a reminder that you have fought the beast back.

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Together !

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Nana b
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Yes, Major bummer! Dang Cancer! To the front line....fight! I'm approaching my 3 month CEA check in a couple weeks and nervous.

This sucks!

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Wishing for a stage I. I'm so sorry it's back. Four and a half years is a good amount of time to be clear.

I would think they could easily remove this laproscopically.

Chicks do dig scars but we also have to know that guys dig scars, too. LOL

Love and Hugs,


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I am sorry that you got such news but you kicked it once and you will kick it again.


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I am so sorry to hear this news. I can understand your frustration (++) to have this happen just six months from the 5 year mark -- grr!!
I have read that the chances of a recurrence drop dramatically after you pass the 2 year mark -- and I just can't seem to break that damn barrier myself -- I have a recurrence about once every two years -- and that bottle of celebratory champagne is still sitting in the fridge! (Not really -- I seem to find an excuse to celebrate SOMETHING!).

It's not a lie that chicks dig scars - we do!

I am sending you my very best wishes as you enter the battlefield again, my friend


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I'm not sure how to reply. IT just pisses me off when that dang cancer returns, thank goodness, stage 1, (HOPE, HOPE, HOPE). And Uhm, I'm a chick, and I would dig the scar, as long as you told me that you were Johnny Depp and told me it was from a darn pirate scene, I'd be right there babe, putting healing lotions on, etc....

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Uhm, to your wife, I'm just kidding!!!!

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