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Starting the Scanxiety freak out

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So Monday the 16th is my yearly ct scan, and I am really getting anxious about it. Last year after chemo was done I had it and it was clear. The nerves are getting to me about it, not the test per se, but the results. I am scheduled to see my Onc the following week. think if they find something they would contact me earlier? I am praying there is nothing and this is just a check up. I have been feeling great and forget quite a bit that I was ever sick and I so want this feeling to stay!!!

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Yep scanxiety totally sucks, but try to relax and not worry till or if there is something to worry about. I will be praying for great results and that you have some peace during the test and waiting on the results.
Good Luck


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I hope all will go great with the scan + it is great that you are feeling so well!

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Sure everything is gonna be all right !!
Best an good luck .

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I hate it when it's scan time. I hate the anxiety.

Keep thoughts positive. There is no use wasting energy worrying when there is nothing to worry about, so far. Worrying about the unknown is useless.

Love and Hugs


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Hoping that all will go well with the test and the results will come back clear. Hate having to do all the tests anymore. Keep us informed.


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Hey, Kathy.

Good luck with it! I bet it's going to be GREAT. Praying for that!


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Tomorrow is the CT scan, I am freaking out about this. I keep getting all weepy about it. Damn it, will the stress and worry ever go away? I cannot eat, cannot do anything but lay on the couch. I am beginning to think I may need to go back on the anti depressents when these things come up. Tried telling my husband about the anxiety and he says " yea, an you can get hit by a bus tomorrow too" so stop stressing. His thought is that I have to not worry about routine testing, But as you all here know, nothing is routine about check ups after cancer. how do I get him to understand this? Just having a moment here and writing it out here on the board helps a little bit!

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Linda Z
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Hope everything comes back clear and clean Kathy. I'll be thinking of you

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What a timely post! I am having my scan today and results next Monday. It's going to be a long week! My CEA's have bee climbing and it's not looking good. There was a 27 point jump in 2 weeks :( I am turning everything over to God and will keep praying that the scan is not too bad.

Thank You to everyone for being such a supportive group!


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The waiting is the hardest part, I had my Ct yesterday and see the oncologist on Monday the 23rd. I cannot stand the wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Looks like we both get results on the 23rd. Since I have been on every available chemo and my CEA is climbing, I am really nervous. I just have to keep busy and not worry so much. Saturday is my dad's 80th birthday, so I will focus on that celebration.

I'm sending positive vibes your way!


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Good for you to focus on something other than this!! I am trying to focus on my son's wedding recption this coming Saturday, they were married in Jamaica 2 weeks ago ( fabulous trip by the way) and now the reception for all those that could not go to the wedding. But it still is hard as heck.

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Hi Kathy,

I freak out every time it is scan time, too. I want to put this behind me and never think about it again but it is scary each time they do the scans. You are in my thoughts and prayers. THink positive thoughts!


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Thanks all, I am trying to keep it together here!!

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Looks like 3 of us will be getting scan results tomorrow...Pat, Kathy, & Pat. I wish us all well. ( I'm terrified! )


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