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glioblastoma IV...standard therapy...trials...or omeopatic?!

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my name is Luca Angelucci and im writing from italy,Rome exactly.
recently,a GBM has been found in my mother's brain..
too big and vascolarized to make a surgery..

after 2 weeks under control in a hospital, she was sent home,
waiting to start the therapy without the possibility to have a surgery or a biopsy before.

she is a young and wonderful 52 old woman,
and her health actually is perfect!she can move..work...cook..and do everything easily!

i have been in many hospital during these days,
tried to contact many u.s. hospital and clinic,
but everybody suggest us to stay here,in its city to make everything better for her..

i know,unfortunatly,that actually there is not a real cure for that kind of brain cancer..
but just a standard therapy based on radio+temodar
and many other trials..

i have an important question,
the clinic where we will start the teraphy,
can offer the standard of 5 weeks radio+temodar...
the radio+temodar+avastin+irinotecan for the same period as a trial....

somebody did it?!

i also found,the banerji protocol that look great but im really confused what to do....

is so hard make a choice for the most important person of my life.......
look her sweet face smile,in the meantimes im so worried for her life........

im so confused...
im looking on internet the results about this trials,
and it make me more confused than before...
everything is so subjective and it depend of many elements....

Luca Angelucci

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luca I have no answer to your question, but my mother was diagnosed about 4 weeks ago. Began temodar/radiation 2 weeks ago. She is 61 and ZERO medical problems prior to this. Please keep me up to date on how your mom's treatment is going and things that worked best for her.


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Hi Luca and Linda also!

Take a deep breath its going to be okay! I was where you are 3 years ago with my mom. Before this she was also in excellent health which helps alot! she just celebrated her 66th birthday. They were fortunately able to remove 95% of her tumor though. After that she had the gamma knife procedure and then radiation and temodor treatment 5 days a week for 6 weeks. after this no sign of the tumor at all. she has been on avastin and cpt-11 (chemo drug) for 19 months now. they have gradually decreased and she only goes once a month now. she has had no problems at all! never been sick only a little tired and has continued life as normal! all mri's have been clear! she saw her neurosurgeon yesterday and shes doing great! her original oncologist wanted her to only continue on the temador after the radiation which was the protocol, but her neurologist warned that the tumor would definately return and that she should have the avastin/cpt-11. so i hope cpt-11 is also available over there. best wishes to you and your family! take care!

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next week my mother started therapy
the doctor who has treated said that being in good health
is certainly the case of choosing the more aggressive treatment with Avastin, which supports radio and chemotherapy (Temodal)
I can not believe ...
will begin therapy on my birthday! August 24th!
I do not know if looking at it positively or negatively!
Meanwhile, Linda,
we went to a homeopath for support against the chemo that a woman can cause problems!
but has given us a cure very light so there will be inconsistent with drugs therapy ...
must be really strong ...
but it is so difficult to accept being helpless before this horrible disease ...
linda how are you doing?
always believe...u are an exemple...:))
and im really really happy for u and your mother!!
take care...


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Hi Luca,

Happy birthday! think of your mom starting her treatment on your birthday as positive! Shes been diagnosed and now the fight begins! Pray everyday that the radiation will shrink the tumor and then the avastin will cut off the blood supply so it cannot grow! its the best treatment they have right now so we have to go for it and hope for the best and enjoy everyday with our moms! Reassure her everyday that shes going to be okay! Positive attitude has alot to do with this fight! take care, keep us posted! God Bless you and your family.


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