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relatively good news....

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yesterday l was in panic waiting for the pet results : beside the small and only liver met
and 4 lymphatic nodes, nothing else, and better, the oncologist relatively optimistic.
We will start wednesday with folfiri+avastin and after 6 cycles we will irradiate the lymph nods.

Thanks god I was imaging a met in the whole lymphatic system and more!

Keep you informed!

Now 5 days in my house at the beach!(too crowded place in my opinion but...)

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Very glad that you got relatively good news, and have a plan of attack.

So jealous abou the beach house! Nice to have a place to get away too.

Good luck with the treatments.


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Whenever you want, whenever you can , you are invited!

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Sounds like you have a plan, and knowing is always better then waiting.
The beach house sounds great. will you be staying there during treatments?
good luck to you, go kick cancer in the ***!
hope this finds ya smilin'

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depends of side effects, last year with folfox I use to do a kind of
long week end ,Friday to Monday, included, and the back to Barcelona(50 KM) to work!
This are my intentions also for this summer, in winter we will see, but not to the
beach, cold and lonely there in off season,any way depends of side effects l don't want to **** my car,s upholstery! jajajaja!

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Sounds like a plan!!! good for you to have a beach house! I am jealous!!!! I have never been "across the pond" but am planning a trip to the Uk in the early part of next year, a friend is temporailry locating there so what better time to go, when I have a free place to stay!! Get some rest before your treatments start!!!

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I am glad there were no "bad" surprises. I am on folfiri + avastin + have had good success, with manageable side effects. Take good care!

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I'm happy that you are relatively happy with the results. I'm sure you will have great success with this treatment! Take care!


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wonderful surprise

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despite these are not excelent news, l was aware about ,so calm, what l was scared about was for any surprise not seen in the TAC so to me acceptable news!!
and again sorry for my english!!

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Glad that the results aren't as bad as you had thought. Sounds like you and doctor are on the same page which is good. Hope you enjoy your time at the beach house - sounds awesome. You are doing really well with your English too :)


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I appreciate your "lies" about my English you are an angel!

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Is a lot better than some who have English as a first language!

I'm glad nothing new was found - no surprises. And you have a plan of attack all set!

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Very kind from your part!

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Dude..... Ya... your English not 100% but man I just love to hear you talk. How about you getting a picture up there so we can see what you look like????? Be nice to put a face with that accent! You have a very good attitude and that is what it takes to win...to stay ahead of the game. You take care.


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