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PEG placement today

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I'm going in for my PEG placement today and just want to stop by and say thank you to all the folks who have come before and posted their experiences and advice regarding treatment. I've been pretty good about accepting all the pre-treatment procedures that been done to date. However I've not been very accepting over the PEG placement. Reading the all the posts has been very helpful to explain and calm some of my fears and answer a lot of questions and I want to say thank you again.

Wish me luck!

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Best of luck to you!

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Pam M
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I think most of us probably hated the idea of having a PEG. For icing on my cake, since I was already in the hospital for neutropenic fevers, my PEG got put in Christmas Eve, 2009. Merry Christmas. Good luck with the installation, and getting used to your PEG. Keep us posted.

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I got my port and PEG put in the exact day of my 5th anniversary. Sorry BABE!

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Good Luck!

Hope all goes well!


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I just had mine removed two days ago, if you were close to the Reno area I have about 15 cases of food left over. Good luck and stay stong.


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Hi Grace,

I've had my peg for 5-6 months now. Some are ahead of me on getting it out, some are not. I find it a minor distraction. I stll don't eat that well, 4 montbs post treatment, though I had two eggs, fake bacon, and a hash brown for breakfast (can't do that every day). The procedure to put it in was painless. I would still depend on a lot of liquid food if I got rid of mine, so I'll probably keep it a bit to use up my ISO Cal. As you enter treatment/radiation, you will find it a blessing. Hoping for painless treatment time, and early recovery for you!

best, Hal

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Hi Grace,

At first it is a pain but you will get used to it. And it is a blessing during treatment. Good luck during your treatment!!


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It's not a big deal. Having mine installed wasn't too unpleasant, though it was not fun, and having it removed was even less of a big deal -- one pull and it was gone.
And boy, was it a life-saver. I lost almost 40 pounds with the PEG -- if I hadn't had it, I suspect I would have melted away.

--Jim in Delaware

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Hi GL,

As the gang have said, the PEG is short term annoyance but of great benefit.

Just a note that some of us suffered sharp pains in the stomach after the PEG was installed. I thought something was seriously wrong as these pains were really bad. They were almost like severe cramps. Turned out that gas was getting trapped in my stomach (maybe because of the PEG) and all I had to do was open the PEG and release the gas. Problem solved.

If you do get this, open the PEG over a wash basin. If you get other pain with no relief as above, definitely tell the Doctor. This pain happened 2-4 times and then all settled down and it didn't reoccur.

Just keep the area around the insertion point clean & generally covered and you will be fine.


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Oh my. Yes, the pain from the insertion site is definitely there but tolerable with the pain medications. There is a significant amount of gas, and I've opened the valve with some success. I find that just getting up and walking around helps as well.

I was kept overnight and had a roommate. She and her husband, who were extraordinarily inconsiderate, so I didn't get much rest, not that you get all that much in the hospital.

Off to take a nap!

Thanks again!


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Good luck and all the best to you

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I hope so.

I am interested in how long it takes to feel better from the placement. My husband will likely need one (we are waiting on biopsy for likely recurrence now) if his cancer has returned as they suspect.

As said, hope you are feeling better today.

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Sorry to bump the thread, but I wanted to give you an answer. Turns out the pain was an ulcer created by the placement. GI doc said that acid production is highest between 2A - 4A, so he added an acid blocker (Prevacid) and voila, no more middle of the night pain.

Personally, it took me about 3 - 4 days before I felt like eating. Just yesterday and today, actually felt "normal" (6 - 7 days). Make sure you WRITE DOWN ALL of the instructions that the nurses give you about how to flush his tube, feeding, cleaning, etc... Of course, this board is a great resource as well.

Good luck to you and your husband!

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