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DIEP Flap Reconstruction

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Had DIEP Flap breast reconstruction surgery 2 weeks ago. Is it normal for the circle/nipple area to enlarge/stretch? Want to make sure it's not something I should be concerned about.

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I didn't have anything like this, but it could be swelling, if you no longer have your drains. I'd call the plastic suregon's office and ask.


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I had a lumpectomy, but, want to wish you good luck.

I would suggest too that you call your plastic surgeon's office.

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Called them yesterday. Nothing to worry about.

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Glad everything is ok for you!

Sue :)

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Hi T7 I'm looking into having the same procedure. Can you share with me who did it and how long you were hospitalized?


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Hi Bedee!

My breast cancer surgeon is from The James Cancer Center in Columbus, OH. Her name is Dr. Doreen Agnese. She is a great person and a wonderful surgeon! I highly recommend her. Dr. James Boehmler was my plastic surgeon and he was wonderful also! I was in the hospital 5 days, which includes my surgery day. Here is a link to his bio at OSU: http://surgery.osu.edu/plastic/11361.cfm.

Your welcome!

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of surgeons who perform DIEP on www.diepsisters.com if you want to try and find someone in your area.

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I had Dcis in left breast 7 years ago with lumpectomy and radiation 

I recently was diagnosed with invasive ducal in right breast. I had Dcis 25 years ago in same breast and lumpectomy with radiation 

my surgeon does not feel it's necessary to remove left breast. Confused 

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I had the same response when I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma on my left breast. So I was very persistant about my right breast being removed also.  This led to my surgeon ordering an ultrasound on my right side and they found small cycts within the nipple ( which is what my ealier years showed on my mammograms pre- cancer tests. Insurance always wants the lesser done as a first choice - I was looking for and needed for my peace of mind and he agreed finally. I have zero regrets. That was 5 years ago. I'm in remission and was stage 3 a ( 4 positive nodes left under arm.)  Good luck!!

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