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colonscopy Thursday

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I'm having a colonscopy on Thursday ordered by my Family doc to take a look for colitis since he doesn't believe I have a return of colon cancer despite my high 14.6 CEA. My Onc thinks I may have a reoccurrence (not in colon this time) and wants to give any cancer a chance to grown some more for six weeks so they can see it better. A CT/Pet Scan four months ago when my CEA was 5.8 showed clear. My family doc is looking for other causes for the CEA increases. Either way I guess time will tell. I'm pressing my doc because I lose half of my health insurance in October. They are eliminating our jobs where I work so there goes half my health care. Things are so bad in Michigan that even Gov Granhlom can't get an job from Obama.

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My prayers are with you. Keep us posted.

Peace and Blessings,

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I'm praying it's NOT cancer!


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l pray for it!

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in my prayers and thoughts

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I hope that it is not cancer, + that you won't have to wait too long to find out; waiting is the tough part.

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