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Weird Dreams Stage IVb w/mets in the Spine and lymph nodes

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Can anyone tell me if they experienced weird dreams that seem to continue (3 days) every time my husband tries to sleep. He said it is always the same dream (like he goes out a door and cannot return) like he is in another world!!! I asked his Chemo nurse today, if she has heard of anyone else having these type dreams. NO
I do know he has been extremely fatigued and I did get an IV last Friday another on Monday. Today was Chemo day and I requested another IV be given tomorrow and hopefully on Thurs also.
I know he gets irritated with me always trying to push fluids and mini meals. His Chemo doctor is not ready for him to try a J tube even though I did discuss it with him.
Tomorrow we return to the surgeon for a follow up on his port and I plan to ask if he puts in feeding tubes. This way I can be prepared when I next see his Chemo doctor, if his food intake has not improved.

I do try to get him to exercise and it's a struggle as he is weak and dizzy. I told him to try chair exercises to help stay awake.

He asked the Radiation doctor on Monday when he would know if the tumor was shrinking and he said another month. He is now in his 3rd week of treatment and we thought they could now tell us some news.

I am so thankful for this site to be able to read of others going through the same thing and how they have handled their treatments.

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My son has mentioned that he has strange dreams but the strangest part is he really can't remember them and that troubles him even more than the strange dreams. The nurses at the hospital said that was common but didn't really have an explanation, some think its the chemo or the pain meds...and of course all that he has been through too.
don't know if that helps but at least your husband can know there are others out there with the same experience.

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