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Cost Of Arimidex?

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Cost Of Arimidex

Since Arminidex has gone generic I was just wondering what the cost factor is now. I'll be taking Arimidex after October and I've heard all kinds of price ranges on the cost (of course I know different insurance companies pay different amounts too).
Can the rest of you who are already taking this drug state what your particular cost is per month? I'm hoping my insurance (whose formulary doesn't even cover this drug at all) will grant permission once my Oncologist submits their necessity letter.

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If your insurance doesn't cover arimidex, check and see if they cover either aromasin or femara. My insurance covers arimidex, but I have 1 sister on femara and 1 on aromasin. They are all chemically similar--all aromatatase inhibitors. My sisters and I all have the same type of breast cancer (ER+).

Then ask your oncologist about switching to one in your formulary. I don't think most have a big preference for one over the other.

Hope this helps!

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CypressCynthia: Thanks---that's excellent advice. How long have you been on Arimidex and any side effects?

Thanks Again,

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I am on Femara and got 2 months of samples from the dr. I went online and qualified for a $10 a month coupon and that was the charge for my third month. I am not sure how long that amount will be for but worthing checking into. Arimidex has gone to generic and is about $60 less than Femara a month. My insurance rate at CVS is about $175 monthly, so I guess any little bit helps.

Good luck to ya.

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I take my arimidex in the PM as that seems to keep me from being tired. Also, I had some neck pain but that is better since my docs figured out I had a low vit D level. The endocrinologist upped my vit d and my level is normal and neck pain is rare now.

FYI, I order 3 months arimidex via my mail order (now online) insurance pharmacy. It costs $80 for 3 mos supply. Much cheaper than buying it monthly.

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Before it went generic, I was paying $30 for one month. Then it went generic, but I also got new, better insurance and I paid $15 for a one-month bottle. Reading some of the responses, I guess I'm grateful for my insurance:)


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Be sure and check with your insurance company to see what they cover and how much.

Good luck to you!

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I bought the generic Arimidex (Anastrozole) last month right after it was available - my deductible hadn't been met yet, so it cost about $320. I just got a refill yesterday, and since my deductible has since been met, it was only $8.37 (insurance pays 80% - I pay 20%) - so the total amount was under $50. The pharmacist said that a generic can be higher when it first comes out, and then go down in price. I couldn't believe the difference! Thank heavens - I just started on the drug in June of this year, so I have almost the whole 5 years to go yet!

♥ Lynn ♥

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With my husband's corporate medical insurance, we use a mail-order program allowing us to get 3-month supplies. My generic Arimidex costs $10 for a 3-month supply. I wish everyone the best regarding getting this at the lowest cost. It really does help that it is in generic form now.

Hugs, Renee

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When you go generic we can save a lot on your purchase. You can get 28 tablets at $87.50 online at International Drug Mart

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