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SO, do you want the GOOD news or BAD news first?

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Okay, it always seems so much better starting with the good news. I had an appt with the GYN today because of possible atrophy of the vagina due to the radiation. Well, GOOD NEWS...the problem can be fixed! BAD NEWS...I have severe vaginal stenosis meaning my vagina has fused! She attempted to insert her pinky finger with no success. She then tried inserting a Q-tip with KY Jelly and even THAT could not be inserted. She said, if there is an opening at all, it's very small and I was referred to see a Onc GYN. She said in order for her to examine me, I'd probably have to be under anesthesia and it looks like I'm going to need surgery to correct the problem. She said that I'm beyond being able to use vaginal dialators! One day at a time is all I'm going to concentrate on now.

Sorry, I wish I had better news!


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Judy--I'm so sorry to hear this. I guess I was very fortunate in that I have not had a fusion in my vaginal canal, just the problem with atrophy. Please let us know what happens next for you.

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Hi Judy,

I'm sorry for your fusion. I am glad that it will be fixed with surgery. I hope it will get repaired soon. I have you in my prayers. Lori

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