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Things to be thankful for

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My niece and nephew are here. I have a big screen tv and surround sound in my bedroom. We are all hanging out in my bedroom watching sponge bob. My little nephew would mainline sponge bob if he could. We've been her for about four hors having lots of fun and enjoying each others company. These are the moments to savor and be grateful for. When you are facing your own mortality times like these are so sweet. I never had kids but I am so glad my sister did.

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I find being around kids is the ticket! They are so energetic and happy! They also just accept us for who we are without all the baggage we carry around as adults! I visited with my daughter and her family a few weeks ago and being with my grand daughter was AMAZING! She is so happy to be around me and just watches what I do and doesn't question! She is coming up on 2 and learning many words, recently eyebrow. Well, I don't have eyebrows so I have to draw them on. She watched me draw them on one morning and didn't have much more to say other than eyebrow! I love her! :) I sure hope you get many more days of joy with those kids!

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my grandkids are my lifesavors. haley with hanna montana and bubba with sponge i have enough tv's to please all.


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Oh, Lordy. My grandsons (particularly the 3 year old) love SpongeBob. I've seen I don't know how many episodes. And, yes, it's always a good time. Enjoy!!


P.S. For the record, I think you'd make a fabulous dad.

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Thankful for all of you to help me get through this and when things are bothering me and just for all your support. You all are so wonderful to everyone. This is a group of people that have concern for one another and just so thankful you are there for us all and me.

Also my husband and kids are a big love of my life. They have always been there for me. Grandkids too. Some of them are too young to understand what is happening, but they love me and that's all that counts.

My faith. Know this is a touchy subject with some, but know that praying helps me get through the rough times. Whether you agree or not, all of you are in my prayers each and every day.


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My 19 year old and his best friend are visiting me for 2 weeks. They drive me crazy but also make me so happy -- kids are a fantastic distraction and source of joy.

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Laf, good times, eh? That sounds great Eric. My youngest turns twenty-four in September and Sponge Bob is his favorite show. We still watch it together, that and Samari Jack.

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I have 4 kids I'd be happy to share with ya, and since their dad isn't around much, they'd be happy for the positive male influence I'm sure you are. They are yours for the taking. LOL


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Oh, believe me, It was for the kids but I was watching it too. Sponge Bob is funny. I like to watch hong kong phooey with the kids too.


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Sounds like good times!!

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My grandson is 7 years old. I enjoy watching Sponge Bob, ICarly and Victorious with him. These are his favorite shows. Yes, family is what it is all about. At this time, we no longer sweat the small stuff, just savor each and every moment and find the best in everything. So Eric, keep smiling and enjoy life, for you still have a lot to give. Believe me, your family is truly enjoying time with you. Take care.

Peace and Blessings,

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My two young nieces were over yesterday, along with their Mom (my sister) + my Mom. They are 4 + 6 + love coming to our house even though my kids are much older (16 + 22). They love the movies that my kids had when they were younger (some still on video) + swimming in our pool. They watched Toy Story 2 yesterday. I wish I had their energy, although they did look exhausted when they left.

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Joined: May 2009

That is one thing. I look at the kids and see how much energy they have and it makes me wish I had the energy back that I used to have so I can keep up with them.


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I am always thankful to be on the green side of the grass!!

Posts: 3692
Joined: Oct 2009

I am convinced we will get that energy back! In the meantime I am finding I have to pace myself in the brutal heat + humidity.

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Kids are great to have around. Art and I have 4 grandchildren and 2 more on the way, they always make life exciting. I am a director in a Child Care Center and even working with 60 children a day, I still like coming home and having the grandchildren over for swimming and dinner. I tell them everyday they are my little Angels. God's extra Blessings in our life. Cherish each moment with your neice and nephew, they seem to be your joy. God Bless. Margaret

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