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Okay, So Now I'm Nervous--Has Anyone Had Minimal to No Side Effects From Arimidex?

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I started Arimidex 20 days ago. I know it's in my best interest to take it. However, I absolutely Hate taking pharmaceuticals (scares me so much), so this whole breast cancer thing with chemo, steroids, etc., etc. has made me nuts. But, I've done everything my team has told me and taken all the proper meds.

My onc. said Arimidex has "minimal" side effects for most people. I've read the drug inserts. However, after reading the thread about Arimidex and the side effects, I'm nervous. I realize everyone is different and reacts in a different way to treatment/meds. Has anyone been on Arimidex for a while and had minimal to no side effects? Please, I need one less thing to worry about!

Thank you.

Hugs, Renee

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I think the people that post are the ones with issues. I am on tamoxifen so cant weigh in. but dont be nervous you are one of the lucky ones. My radiation onc who I respect greatly, said that these therapies are more important than chemo as they are "targeted therapies" aimed toward your specific cancer. I hate taking meds too, but if I was a diabetic I would take my meds and alter diet , etc... this is the way I have to look at it.

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My wonderful onc team said exactly the same thing to me! "You've come this far-please, please ,please do this." I have trusted them so far, and so far, so good. Best wishes, xoxo

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Hi Miss Renee,

I've been on Arimidex since May 28th and I have no side effects. And that scared me cause how can that be??? I asked the oncologist if that means it's not working and she said, no, that means you're a lucky woman. I don't have joint pain or hot flashes and I only gain weight when I don't go walking. I felt incredibly cranky over the weekend which I blamed on Arimidex to my family, but I have a feeling it's more my family than the Arimidex:) Just my turn to be cranky.

At least try it. I, too, was sooooo scared to pop that little pill, but it's been okay. And the protection it provides is sooooo worth it. Try it.


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On July 4th and have not had really any issues with it.I'm not big on big pharma either
but it's better than the alternative. Onc doc said the thing he heard the most was joint pain. I've not had that--only thing I experienced was the frickin' hot flashes. They seem
to be happening less and less. Didn't have the night sweats or anything like that,just
everyonce in a while it felt like someone turned the heat on right where I was sitting or
standing.Kinda made me cranky...LOL!

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I have been taking Arimidex for 1 year and have minimal side effects. The hot flashes do happen but I can deal with that; I used to be cold and now I'm quite comfortable, thanks to my hot flashes! Plus the longer I'm on Arimidex, the hot flashes are diminishing in number and strength. No joint pain, no weight gain. My doctor did say that most people have little problem with Arimidex, and that if you exercise, you typically have even fewer side effects. And a generic just became available, so my copays went from $200 to $85 for a 90-day supply.

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I am on arimidex and I have 1 sister on femara and 1 on aromasin. None of us have had a problem. At the beginning, I took it in the morning and was very tired by afternoon. Then, I switched to taking it around 3-4 PM and have not noticed any more problems. Also, I had mild neck pain after I started arimidex, but my vit d level was found to be low. My endocrinologist upped my vit d intake and my level is normal and neck pain is rare now.

Mama G
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I had no problem until this week (I've been on it for 10 weeks) So I was stoked! Now I'm taking a break, but I'm seriously hoping and praying to be able to get back on it! It's such an amazing drug! Go to arimidex.com and read up about it! If I can manage this problem I'm having (with numbness) I'm back on asap!

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Beginning the Arimidex was more anxiety provoking than my surgery or radiation. I was worried about the side effects that might hinder my active lifestyle. I have experienced minimal side effects: stiffness in ankles when I get up.The stiffness goes away for the rest of the day. Took vacation two weeks ago and walked several miles along the beach each day without a problem.Took a three hour plane trip and didn't have joint stiffness or pain. Some eye dryness has been controlled with eye drops but I had a similar problem when using contact lenses. My eye doctor says it also happens with age...
Hugs, K

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I took Arimidex for the full five years~NO side effects at all! Well, I had one side effect; for the entire time I took it, I didn't have cancer~ and that's a good thing!!!!

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Thanks, girls--I needed all that positive reinforcement. Good comment, Chen--that is one super side effect! And, Kay, I can deal with sore ankles once in a while! Have to sign off now--gotta go take an Arimidex!

Hugs, Renee

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my sister took Arimidex for 5 years and had no side effects. She is an 8 year survivor. Hang in there. Most of us don't like taking meds all the time. Tamoxifen was suggested for me but since I'm post menopausal my onco may change it to Arimidex. I just had first chemo yesterday so I've a ways to go.

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I have been taking Arimidex for six months. I, like you, was so apprehensive going on this drug. The blogs were so discouraging that I really didn't want to take this dreaded drug. However, I have been just fine. A few "warm" flashes but that has been it. I am so thankful and I want to encourage you that you may not have any side effects either. I had stage 1 breast cancer...Treated it with lumpectomy, 5 rounds of chemo, and 33 treatments of radiation. My hair has returned and I look like a poodle!!!!!!! Truly, I am so thankful how it has all turned out for me...Just wanted to encourage your heart and give you hope!

Sincerely, Donna

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I have been taking Arimidex for almost three years now and I DO have side effects, but ones that I'm willing to live with, and I mean LIVE! Mostly I have joint aches, especially in my feet. But once I get moving, they just go away. It is definitely doable. Don't let the possible side effects scare you away. The benefits way outweigh the possible side effects. xoxoxox Lynn

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I have been on arimidex now since Jan of 2010 and had no side effects whatso ever for quite awhile, I have gained weight, but it could be because I should get more excercize! I hav Celiac disease that was diagnosed in Dec of 09, i had lost 65 lbs, but now have gained back 30 which I'm not happy about! But the only side effect I have is occasional joint pain in my shoulders.

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I have been on arimidex for over two years and no side effects. Last April my bone density showed the beginnings of osteopenia but this April it was good. I had a vitamin D issue and we took care of that and I take calcium so I think that must have helped. I think we often hear from the ones who have had issues because they are looking for ways to cope with the side effects. It is less likely that someone would post a topic for example that said Wow No problems with the arimidex but there are many of us who are doing well with it. My opinion for those about to begin this or any other of the estrogen meds is try it and see how it goes. If the side effects are too great the option is there to discontinue them. But give them a chance. They can be very effective. Hoping you have no problems with taking this med.

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I have had no major problems and I have been on arimidex since 2009. As someone else already observed, the MB is skewed with people having problems. Unfortunately, we don't usually post if everything is fine

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I made the mistake of looking on Web Md and other places to find out the side effects. It made things worse. I have been on Arimidex for 7 months. I have a little less energy than before by late afternoon, but I have to remind myself that the radiation oncologist said that tiredness was an effect of radiation at about the six month mark. I did put on about 15 pounds, but it was more due to me saying "the heck with it, I'm going to eat what I want....like icecream everyday. The last 6 weeks I started eating right and exercising again. I do 1.5 hours of cardio tennis 3X a week with people 20 years younger and I keep up. I lost 11 pounds. I do have some joint pain, but I had it before off and on and I know when I drop off another 10 pounds that will subside. I do have some night sweats, but use a fan. All in all, I believe that the side effects are not nearly as bad as I had envisioned. I do notice little vain things like my hair is a little less wavy. I worry that having no estrogen will age me overnight, but these things are all my fears and not reality. Not yet anyways. If this is all I have to endure in terms of side effects, I am pretty sure I can go for the long haul of 5 years. Keep the faith, listen to your own body, and ignore the negatives as they might never happen to you. good luck. God bless.

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