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Rash on face, head and neck: prediagnosis

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Has anyone heard of a rash on your forehead, sides of nose, neck and scap being related to tonsil cancer? Pre-diagnosis April 19th to be exact I developed a rash after a minor car accident in which I was rear-ended. At the time I went to the ER cause my neck hurt and my friend thought I should. Well they diagnosed it as uticaria (rash caused by stress). I has come and gone since April. I have been to my family practice physician, and an allergist. The family practice prescribed a bunch of things that did not work, the allergist was just an arrogant know it all and neither helped the rash. I have an appointment with a dermatologist next week unless my treatment interferes but I am curious if anyone has heard of cancer alone can cause a rash on your scalp near the hairline, forehead, sides of nose and neck?

the Nurse on my cancer team thinks it could be caused by stress and after confering wih my coordinating oncologist scheduled me to see a Dermatology Oncologist at MD Anderson where I am being treated but that appointment is not until September 17th so I thought I'd keep the appointment with the regular dermatologist next week. Keep in mind I have only just been diagnosed do am not on any medication other than pain meds for the tonsillectomy....Thoughts?

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Another thing to consider, from my experience, is cellulitis, basically an infection that can be treated with antibiotics. When we, as cancer surivivors in treatment, are limited in our immunity, we tend to pick up more of this sort of thing.

Just a thought.

Even so, if every one you talk to with any professional props is saying it is stress, um, maybe it is stress.

Hope and humor!

Take care,


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