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Chemo, Camo and hair

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So this thursday I get my 5th treatment, almost done.
I have to say this has been a battle. Lets face it we are in a war! So that brings me to camo, I always wear it on chemo day and I wear it quite often. It reminds me that I am fighting for my life, we all are.
Oh and my hair is growing, in fact now it itches and sticks me. So now I wear a night cap cause my pillow makes my hair stick me in the head (OUCH)

Crazyness I know, but its just how my mind works......

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Congrat's on almost reaching the finish line!!!!! I had the same problem with my hair when I first had it shaved, it was like little needles jamming into my head very painful!!!!

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Hi Kaye...
As far as I'm concerned nothing we do or think once we're diagnosed with cancer should be considered crazy. The disease is whats crazy...not us...ha! I'm so happy for you as you near the end of treatment. Hopefully your hair will grow back quickly and your hair will feel soft and comfortable soon. I love the way you think...nothing you have said or done sounds crazy to me! Best wishes...

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Nearing your last treatment. It's all good. Nothing sounds crazy to me, I'm definitely an against the grain kinda gal. I do remember thinking it odd that my hair started coming back right before my last treatment. It felt like a buzz cut. Good luck with the rest and keep up the good work. Mary

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It only feels funky for a little while Kaye. It'll soften up shortly. Keep the faith, wear a bandana and it'll make it lay flat LOL

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Almost done, I remember that being almost done was a wonderful feeling. And nothing you say or do would seem strange to me.

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I remember starting to grow hair right around the 5th or 6th chemo. At the same time my head hair was growing my eye brows and lashes fell out. I was so afraid that the chemo wasn't working because I was now growing hair. Wish I had posted the question than as I had alot of needless worry and would have felt much better knowing the same thing was happening to others. Anyway I just shaved my head so it would match my no brow look, LOL. I actually shaved my head for about 2 months after chemo as I felt much better without hair. I know I'm strange, LOL.

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I know.....I loved being bald.

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