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Three month PET scan results.

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I went over my three month pet scan results with the doctors today, some hot spots still showing up. The conclusion was that in the last two months since my last pet scan the hot spot has shrunk by half, so it is half the size it was. I also had some biopsies done 6 weeks ago in that area and they came back as cancer free. So since I am a slow healer from being on immunosupresion for nearly 10 year they are going to give me some more time to heal and recheck in two months. If it does not look better then maybe a large surgery to remove 1/4 of my tongue and some of my pharinx. Does not sound appealing to me so I plan on helping my body fight and kill the remaining cells however I can.


Kent Cass
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Good to hear, Brad. Good nutrition is what you need now, along with a lot less worry and stress. And,



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Brad, basically good readings, especially the clean biopsies. Give yourself two months to get better, and feel good, and heal.

best, Hal

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I am with Kent and Hal Good nutrition and rest help the body’s immune system to help fight the left over cancer cells,

Take care

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Sounds like things are moving in the right direction with what they see on the scans getting smaller. We will wait with you. Keep us informed and take really good care of yourself. Hondo, Kent, and Hal give good advice.

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