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side effects

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Can someone help me answer this question? What side effects does morphine have? I just got out of the hospital and resumed radiation treatment. On the way, my sister & I were talking about my recent hospital stays and tho I really don't remember most of time in there, she told me about some of the things I said or did. Which seemed amusing at the time. I asked her if anyone had an answer for the reason I kept ending up there. She told me that one of the hospital staff told my other sister that I was suffering from alcohol DT's, yet there was no alcohol in my system. Does morphine have this effect? This is the first time I've ever been prescribed it, and maybe I took a wrong dose or something? Second question...why would they discuss this with her, yet my husband & I have yet to hear this from the people at the hospital? Shouldn't they talk to us instead of letting me think I was going crazy? Now I'm afraid to even take a Tylenol for the pain. Any clues or suggestions? Thanks, Melodie

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